Utherverse Awarded Patent That Could Change Your (Virtual) World

by Techvibes NewsDesk

Utherverse's Gary and Brian Shuster were awarded their 80th patent this week. Patent #8,276,017, or "Multi-Instance, Multi-User Animation Platforms," details a a method for the creation of “parallel dimensions so as to prevent over-population of any one of the parallel dimensions” in a virtual-reality universe.

This patent aims to solve over-population problems of virtual worlds. It would allow massively multiplayer environments to host thousands or even millions of users in the same virtual area, or to attend the same virtual event.

“Prior generations of online games and virtual worlds have been forced to limit the number of players in an area to only a few dozen at most,” said Brian, CEO of Utherverse, a Vancouver-based virtual-world software development company. “This technology removes these population limits and allows Utherverse to have concerts and conventions that hundreds of thousands of users can enjoy together and simultaneously.”

Games like World of Warcraft and Second Life can have millions of players at one time—but they are forced to limit the number of players in any given area to just a handful. Shuster believes these limitations will soon be a thing of the past.

“Imagine if websites were limited to displaying their content to only 50 people at a time. There would be no Facebook, no Google, no YouTube,” Shuster said, comparing the internet and to virtual worlds. “We now have technology that will allow virtual worlds to host millions of users simultaneously. This will be explosive for the success of the Virtual World Web, and it will transform the internet from a flat web experience to a 3D immersive environment within the next few years.”

The Shuster’s have also recently been issued patents #8,049,756 “Time-dependent client inactivity indicia in a multi-user animation environment”, #8,259,117 “Avatar eye control in a multi-user animation environment” and #8,167,724 “Guest management in an online multi-player virtual reality game.”

The Canadian company was founded in 2002.

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