Utherverse, Virtual World Web To Host Two-Day 3D Virtual Conference in July

by Dan Verhaeghe

Vancouver's Utherverse Digital Inc., the creator of the Virtual World Web (VWW), is hosting the world’s first completely virtual convention. UtherConvention2011 will take place July 8th and 9th, which will showcase the best of virtual world technology while being held live on the 3D web.

It’s often said that large corporations will save millions of dollars by not sending employees to conferences across the world, but the real question is can the live real-world experience be replicated through video and virtual conferencing?

Do the cost savings outweigh that real-world experience?

They certainly can connect millions of people around the world that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford the flight, conference and hotel costs.

Regardless, UtherConvention is charging less than a dollar for people to attend, and is only charging the 100-200 exhibitors under $50 for a booth.

The two-day conference will even include virtual cocktail parties, meet and greets, live entertainment, and a comedy show by popular Utherverse performer Patrick Maliha. Utherverse even concludes with the Player’s Ball, a high-end, invite-only reception.

That’s great news for the more than eight million registered membvers that use Utherverse’s 3D web browser off their PC and Mac to navigate a network of 60,000 virtual communities, where they conduct business in sophisticated ways not possible on the “flat” Internet.

Utherverse is even taking it one step further by hosting the World of Warcraft FANCON, a virtual convention for all those World of Warcraft players out there, and half a million people are expected to attend.

Utherverse CEO Brian Shuster says: “These conventions showcase the power of the 3D web….This technology opens up a whole arena of conferences that couldn’t happen before”.

With that being said, I guess if you weren’t already a gamer, it might be time to start thinking about preparing your avatar if virtual world conferencing takes off in more ways than we could have previously imagined.

Real-world, digital, or virtual worlds, there’s something for everyone, it just depends on your preferred taste, or you can participate in a mix of all three!

Utherverse Digital
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Utherverse is the internet come to life in 3D. Rather than surfing from site to site in a disembodied browser, each user of the Utherverse gets an Avatar which becomes their persona. They use that avatar to walk or teleport from place to place throughout this 3D world – a world filled with clubs, shops, theaters, residences and other users, whom they can meet and interact with as they... more

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Dan Verhaeghe

Dan Verhaeghe

Dan Verhaeghe focuses on marketing, mobile, major technology players, entertainment, and new media. Dan has a dozen years of online experience that dates back to the turn of the millennium where he dominated a now non-existent online RPG game for a couple of years at the age of 15. He would eventually become a Toronto Blue Jays blogger who earned his way into Toronto's CP24 studios six years... more

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