Vancouver-born Kiip partners with Guinness to give mobile gamers real world records

by Knowlton Thomas | Startups

iPhone gaming just got serious.

Kiip, a startup founded by young Vancouver entrepeneur Brian Wong, has partnered with Guiness World Records to list the world's most talented mobile game players.

Kiip provides real-world rewards for in-game achievements and in this instance will maintain the leaderboards that determine world record holders.

Quoth Mashable:

“At Kiip, we’ve built an entirely new ad model around achievement moments,” Kiip CEO Brian Wong told Mashable. “As a network, we wanted to find continuous ways to accelerate growth and to broaden the brand of Kiip to be more than just rewards, but to be simply rewarding. We wanted to find the ultimate recognition for the moments that fuel our network. And what could be more recognizing than a world record.”

Guiness and Kiip are co-launching a 5-day competition for Mega Jump, an iPhone game. The highest score between today and October 3rd will appear in Guiness World Records 2012 Gamers Edition with the official world record of The Highest Score Achieved on Mega Jump. 

San Francisco, California, United States

Kiip is the world’s first mobile rewards network that delivers tangible rewards for virtual achievements. The company’s category-creating rewards platform enables brands to reach consumers in the moments when they are most engaged and receptive, while driving revenues and greater user allegiance for Kiip-enabled games and apps. Kiip was founded in September 2010 by Brian Wong, Courtney Guertin... more

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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