Vancouver Hyper-Local Site Keep Popping Up: More

It’s now official. Vancouverites are crazy for online places to plan events, review experiences and meet like-minded people. And Vancouver’s latest startup, Troovy plans to cash in on the trend.  If you’ve been keeping score, this space is heating up and according to Troovy, it's with good reason:

…our feeling is the Canadian market is under-served by grassroots business intelligence; that is to say, honest experiences with businesses by the people, for the people. And of course, tying it to localities throughout our fair nation just helps make it more relevant.

So how does Troovy work? It’s a social network for finding businesses and services in your area and then connecting with you others that also share the same interests.  Troovy “senses” your location, finds businesses in your area and after a while, profiles places and people you can potentially connect with according to those interests. It also lets you “check in” with businesses, so your friends or connections can follow your every move and know where you are.  You can search people, events, news and local bloggers: their voices section features bloggers like Miss 604, Vancouver is Awesome and The Vancouverite, amongst others. Daylife provides their local news feeds, an interesting feature.  Once you're a member, you can add reviews, photos, add tags, and update all this information with a great mobile feature–very cool!

I'm excited to see how Troovy evolves.  I'll be posting an interview with Troovy's Founder Don Ambridge, so stay tuned!


troovy is Canada's answer to finding, sharing and discussing local amenities. With a combination of user reviews, location-aware searching right down to the neighborhood level detail, and a system that learns and recommends people and businesses as you contribute, troovy is a local search resource that intends to change the way people engage businesses and neighbors alike. more

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Victoria Revay

Victoria Revay

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