Vancouver's EcoBuddies gives children the opportunity to voice their environmental concerns

by Knowlton Thomas | Startups

I Can Help the Earth.

This is the title of a book, authored by dozens of children across North America. The book, which features nearly 100 poems and drawings made by kids in Canada and the U.S., was organized by EcoBuddies Interactive, a startup based out of Vancouver. EcoBuddies, a kid-friendly virtual world designed to help children understand concepts like habitats, biodiversity, and food chains, ignited the idea after discovering that kids on their site were talking fearfully about the Gulf Coast oil spill.

The book grants children a public voice, and empowers them by offering them the chance to make a difference in the face of an environmental crisis. The oil spill is one of the world's worst man-made environmental disasters of all time.

I Can Help the Earth is purchasable on Lulu for $35.

EcoBuddies Interactive Ltd.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

EcoBuddies Interactive Ltd. is a Vancouver-based company that recently launched its same-named website at Ecobuddies’ goal is to normalize environmental concepts for children who are 5-12 years of age and provide them with a world of games, fun, and friends. EcoBuddies is currently beta testing and will be fully functional by the end of this year. EcoBuddies is a moderated... more

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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