Vancouver's Education Generation Launches Crowdfunding Platform for Student Scholarships

Vancouver-based organization Education Generation has launched a new crowdfunding platform for student scholarships.

The online community has relaunched and rebranded in an effort to better fund scholarships for high-potential students in the developing world. Emphasizing leadership development, entrepreneurial skills, and market-relevant trainin, Education Generation is working toward "influencing systemic change in the education system as a whole"—$20 at a time. 

“Compared to the child sponsorship model, we are eliminating high overhead costs by partnering directly with high quality education institutions and organizations to manage scholarships and student relationships on the ground," says Eileen Knowles, Executive Director of Education Generation. "As an Education Generation donor, you can fully trust that our partner organizations have a deep understanding of the communities they work in and only high achieving, goal-oriented student leaders are featured on our website."

Education Generation allows donors to search for students by country, educational partner, or gender; receive photo and written updates from funded students throughout their academic lives; purchase gift cards to fund a student; share individual student profiles over social media; and log in via Facebook.

“Our online presence has grown to become a community of over 600 active donor members from more than 20 countries," says Eileen. "We now have a network of educational partners in ten countries: Afghanistan, Ecuador, Ghana, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Peru, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Uganda! The newly re-launched website represents our commitment to improving on what all of our donors and partners have helped us build."

Education Generation
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Education Generation is a global community providing access to quality education for high potential students. We search the globe for innovative educational programs to connect donors and students. Through our online platform, individuals from around the world make contributions as low as $20 to collectively support individual students. 100% of your money (after paypal fees) supports their... more

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