Vancouver's NuCaptcha expands to smartphones and tablets

Vancouver-based NuCaptcha has announced its Captcha solutions for mobile devices, now available for all mobile platforms including Android and iOS.

The new optimized mobile Captchas provide a better fit and faster loading times on mobile devices, NuCaptcha says. For example, when a user clicks on a mobile touch screen to solve a Captcha, it will fit perfectly into the space left by the keyboard so that the Captcha can be quickly and easily completed. NuCaptcha does not require Flash or JavaScript and the company will release the HTML5 mobile version of its Captcha technology in by the end of the year.

“If you think Captchas are indecipherable on the Web, just try completing them on mobile. We’re now at a point of infliction and a more functional solution is not just nice to have, it’s critical,” said Christopher, CTO and Co-Founder of NuCaptcha Inc. “Rather than inflicting pain on users, our system ramps up as needed for real threats: So, we’re able to provide a better experience for users and state-of-the art security.”

NuCaptcha’s interface is designed to retain users on a site and help them “pass through security” as fast and painlessly as possible. NuCaptcha enables sites of all sizes to choose their Captcha security and user-experience, something that was previously only feasible for the highest-volume Captcha sites. NuCaptcha’s mission is to make Captcha a better experience for everyone on the Internet.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

NuData Security created NuCaptcha to provide heightened, enterprise level leading internet security with the ease of use that everyone can employ. Simply put: Better Security, Easier to Use. NuCaptcha is based out of Vancouver, BC; one of Canada’s top technology centers. The company was formed in 2008. The NuCaptcha Security Platform is a CAPTCHA-based solution that uses motion video to... more

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