Victoria Startup Announces First Product Launch Since Pivot

Victoria-based startup Urban Hunt'r pivoted a couple of months ago, rebranding itself as RewardsDen as it changed its business model from being a game to partnering with others' games.

Once a web-based social scavenger-hunt style game, RedwardsDen is now a company that enablers players to earn real-world rewards through games. The company has just announced the launch of the first game boasting a partnership with the post-pivot startup.

Charmed: RewardsDen Edition is a gravity-twisting, Charm-matching action game for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Charmed players can earn RewardsDen Points, or RDP, through daily checkins with the game and by earning in-game achievements. RDPs can be redeemed for gift cards to actual stores.

Charmed is a product of Mind Juice Media, an independent Vancouver software development startup founded in 2008. It primarily focuses on iOS games.

Urban Hunt'r
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Web Startup based out of Victoria, BC. Founders are Tyrone Sinclair and Victoria Mazza. Urban Hunt'r is a photo challenge game. Playing is simple: receive challenges through text message or email. Do challenges and take pictures. Send pictures to Urban Hunt'r via MMS, email, or upload from the site. Earn points and win prizes, like gift cards to your favorite spots! Urban Hunt'r works on any... more

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