Victoria's Checkfront Hits 100 Million in Bookings

by Sumari MacLeod

When Techvibes last addressed Victoria’s Checkfront back in March, they had the rollercoaster ride of the holiday season to look forward to.

Now that it’s coming to a close, Checkfront can announce that it has just surpassed $100 million in bookings.

It was only a matter of time. For the uninitiated, Checkfront is a cloud-based booking system that tour, activity, and rental businesses can use to manage bookings, centralize administration, and sell their services online. Checkfront’s turn-key system can integrate with web platforms like WordPress, Joomla and Facebook, and includes a built-in payment processing platform that can synergize with a wide variety of payment gateways such as PayPal, Authorize.Net and Stripe. Businesses can manage real-time bookings and inventory using Checkfront’s secure back-office business management application or the Checkfront mobile booking apps for iOS and Android.

Checkfront is available in 70 countries, using 29 currencies and 14 languages, and business has more than doubled each year since it launched three years ago.

Grant Jurgeneit spoke the truth in March—and it’s been demonstrated by Checkfront’s success.

“What we’re seeing is that everyone wants that convenience, and it reflects on your brand," he told Techvibes. "We see the consequence of not having it. The people with the disposable income, they finally get their kids in bed, and they want to make plans for a trip or staycation; they research and there’s phone numbers, and then they leave voicemails... when they’re finally reached, they’re in the cubicles at work, and it’s inappropriate to make vacation calls at work. The importance of booking online already has a demonstrated truth.”

“This is an exciting milestone for us,” added Jason Morehouse, Checkfront’s co-founder and CTO. “The last 12 months in particular have been consistent record months for us both in merchant volume and new clients. We are seeing more high volume businesses choose us over commission-based providers, and emerging businesses choose us for our ease of use and small business support.”

Congratulations are in order; if the Checkfront team wanted to book a holiday of their own, it’d be well-deserved.

Checkfront Inc
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Checkfront is an Online Booking System for Tour, Activity and Rental business. Checkfront makes it easy to accept bookings and payments on your own website and provides a powerful cloud back-office app for managing your business. Headquartered in Vancouver and founded in 2009, the online booking management and ecommerce system delivers exceptional customer convenience and service. Some... more

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Sumari MacLeod

Sumari MacLeod

Sumari MacLeod debuted from Humber’s postgraduate Advertising and Copywriting program with an Applied Arts Student Competition win under her belt, and after interning at both a traditional agency and a PR firm, has found herself at home as a writer for TV and web. She graduated from UBC with a B.A. in English Literature and History, and previously covered video game news for The Village Gamer.... more

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