Victoria's GlasseyStrategy launches StratPad, an iPad app for small businesses

Victoria-based GlasseyStrategy has launched StratPad, an iPad app designed for small and medium businesses. StratPad enabled companies to create and execute business strategies step-by-step.

"Business strategy is the most powerful management tool available to company owners and managers," said Alex Glassey, managing partner of GlasseyStrategy. "Despite this, only 1% of companies use strategy effectively because it's complicated, time-consuming and expensive. StratPad uses the iPad's user-friendly design to simplify strategy and make it effective and affordable for all businesses."

StratPad is divided into three sections: Learn, Create and Share. Each section is broken into chapters like a book.

Section one's chapters teach users about strategy and encourage them to think strategically about their own company. In Section Two, StratPad provides templates, instructions and examples to help users develop and record their own strategy. All strategy information entered into StratPad is saved instantly on the iPad. And in the third section, StratPad automatically creates nine reports tailored to the user's strategy. Users can view reports on their iPad, print them wirelessly or email them as high-resolution PDFs. The nine reports include a Strategy Map which graphically illustrates the overall strategy; a Summary Business Plan that is designed to be shared with investors and bankers; and a Project Plan and a Gantt Chart that help management execute their strategy.

StratPad supports an unlimited number of strategies. Strategies can be modified and updated at any time. The app costs $34.99 in the App Store.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

StratPad is cloud-based software that provides a simple, practical approach to business planning for entrepreneurs. StratPad: Helps users write a business plan quickly and easily, guiding them step by step through the process using a series of questions and prompts Helps users think through their business and revenue model and create a strategy for success Instantly generates all the reports... more

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