WagJag Express Hits 30,000 Downloads in Two Weeks

The real-time, geo-targeted by neighbourhood group buying mobile application WagJag Express has hit 30,000 downloads in two weeks. 5400 people downloaded it August 3rd, the day it launched, when it ranked 12th overall in terms of total downloads thanks to the help of hundreds of ambassadors. WagJag donated $1 for every download on launch day to Stop Community Food Bank.

WagJag uniquely used QR Codes on 3500 "digital" ice cream bars that allowed customers to instantly access the mobile application. 

WagJag Express will be rolling out a $1 tour of Toronto's neighbourhoods, offering $1 deals at local businesses. This week's deals are in the Danforth, Church Wellseley Village, and the Yonge-Dundas Strip. 

Next week you can find those $1 deals in Yorkville, The Annex, and Little Italy. 

Jeremy Zuker, the General Manager of WagJag says: "We are thrilled by the number of downloads achieved in the first day alone and the money raised for the Stop. It's a testament to the direction that the group-buying sphere is going in. WagJag Express is about instant gratification and getting deals here and now."

How will other Canadian-based competitiors like TeamBuy respond?

Zuker adds: "This is the next wave in business innovation and we're proud to be the first Canadian company to have brought such a successful product to market."

In the face of perhaps yet another recession, people will want to save as much money as possible, so I can see why group buy continues to gain traction. 

Profitability always seems to be the question with group buy though, since it was recently revealed that Groupon hasn't made a profit at all, and WagJag is doing $1 deals. 

But at the end of the day, the group buying craze has indeed gone hyperlocal in Toronto.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Online group buying platform that features exceptional daily deals on fun things to do and places to eat in cities across Canada. more

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