Wajam's Latest App Allows Canadians to Access US Netflix, Spotify, Etc. for Free

by Knowlton Thomas

Wajam this week announced its new VPN App.

The app offers free, secure, and anonymous browsing on an iOS device—but more important for Canadian users, gives access to US exclusive content such as Netflix, Spotify, and restrictions on YouTube:

This new VPN offering gives users the ability to access other countries’ exclusive websites and keep data safe from unsecured wifi networks and harmful sites, whether at home or traveling.

"As you take your friends with you on the go with Wajam Mobile, our new integrated VPN app will keep you and your data safe while browsing and sharing information on the web," says Martin-Luc Archambault, CEO of Wajam. "And, unlike most other VPN apps, ours is totally free."


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"Because of our social search revenue model, we are able to embed a full VPN offering to users at no cost to them," he explains. "Prior to Wajam, no one had been able to integrate Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ data within a typical Google search. And now we have taken our product to another level by adding a layer of security and anonymity, while opening the gates of content which have been blocked across geographic boundaries."

“We believe that there's an opportunity as a third party to bridge the gap between competing search platforms, and ultimately give users more choice in which search engine and which social platforms they can use to get the recommendations they need,” added Archambault. “Adding this VPN capability and encryption opens the doors to increase security while again giving users more choice in accessing web content they couldn’t otherwise get."

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Wajam makes search more personal by adding results from your friends to your favorite search engine. Every day you and your friends share lots of useful content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Wajam lets you find this content in Google, Bing, Yahoo, blekko and Amazon when you need it. more

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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