Want New Music? Victoria's Songspin Makes Discovering Awesome Tunes Easy

by Knowlton Thomas | Startups

Discovering awesome music never gets old. And that's the simple idea behind Songspin, a Victoria-based startup that wants users to find new tunes with ease.

Founded in September 2011 by a small team of music enthusiasts, Songspin is dedicated to helping users discover new artists and bands that aren't mainstream. They curate music from across the web, pulling it together in one place.

Users select a genre of music and can then listen to uninterrupted streams of music. While listening to a song, users can view the artist's bio, photos, and tour dates. And those who sign up for the service—an optional deed—via Facebook can track their favourite tunes to create handy playlists. It's most comparable to New York's Hype Machine.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Songspin.FM is a new music discovery site. We make it easy to discover new bands and hear the best new music on the web. We search for the best music from a wide variety of sources, including blogs, music charts and online music services and pull it all together in one place. Listeners can hear uninterrupted streams of great music based on their favorite genre. Users who sign up via Facebook... more

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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