Want Something? Wantster Will Show You Where To Get That Online

by Dan Verhaeghe | Startups

Canadians spend so much time on Pinterest that the image-based boards website is the 23rd-ranked site in Canada, and the 46th worldwide, according to Alexa. Canada uses Pinterest the third-most on a country-specific internet rankings basis, behind only South Africa and the United States.

Still, have you ever wanted something you saw on Pinterest or on the general internet and couldn’t find out how to buy it online?

That’s where Wantster comes in. You use the “want” button, which can be downloaded to your browser bookmarks bar. Then you “want” the item you want to add to your wish list and the site will show you where you can buy that product from. You can also use your mobile device to snap a photo of something and drop it into your “want list” as well.

The best thing about Wantster is that consumers won’t have to rip out things from catalogues and sift through thousands of pages. Wantster will save consumers a lot of time and could eventually help dramatically reduce the number of catalogues that retailers send out every year. It’s becoming increasingly important for retailers to use image-based sites to drive retail e-commerce. Techvibes has mentioned in the past that Pinterest is the number one driver of referral traffic to retail sites.

Others who browse the site will be able to also “want it” and comment on the product posted providing for a social experience. It will also allow for verification so that people will have confidence in what they are buying.

Techvibes has seen how successful the Wish Book App for Sears was last holiday season—it was one of the most-downloaded apps for several weeks. It should then come as no surprise that Wantster was then pretty popular during their 90-day beta launch when they were known as Tigidi.

I mentioned back in January that they had over 6,000 members sign up—but Wantster says they blew past that mark. It's a great concept for sure; there’s certainly a difference between aimlessly pinning and wanting something that we could eventually buy.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Dan Verhaeghe

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