Waterloo-based Kik experiencing viral growth

Just over 2 weeks ago we featured the re-launch of Kik Messenger, which is a free, cross-plkikatform mobile instant messaging service. Yesterday, the app attracted 150,000 new subscribers worldwide, accelerating five days of exponential growth and possibly setting a new record for app adoption in a single day.

Ted Livingston is the CEO and President of Kik Interactive, Inc.:

The sudden surge in Kik’s popularity is driving what may be the fastest-ever growth of any mobile app.  We’re both thrilled and overwhelmed by the continuing rush of new users.

Kik has grown from just 30,000 users a week ago to 450,000 yesterday. As of noon today, the growth rate is already double what it was yesterday. Usage peaked yesterday at 1 million messages an hour, and is on track to be even higher today.

To be a part of this Canadian success story visit http://www.kik.com/m and start "kik-ing"!


According to Venture Beat, Kik has well surpassed 1 million users in less than 2 weeks.  Faster than Facebook and Twitter.  

Kik Interactive, Inc.
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Kik was founded in 2009, when a small but incredibly passionate group of University of Waterloo students decided to build a company that would shift the center of computing from the PC to the smartphone. Fast forward to today, and Kik has become the best way to connect with friends, no matter where you meet them. And unlike other messengers, Kik uses usernames - not phone numbers - as the basis... more

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