WebOS: I'm Not Dead Yet! (Or Am I?)

by Steve Dotto

Rumours of webOS' demise may indeed be accurate—but just how accurate is anybody’s guess.

HP has become the king of mixed messages as it tries to sort out the last days of Nero’s (Leo Apotheker’s) rule.  Amongst his seemingly mad broad strokes was the killing off of the webOS division, the deep discounting and selling off of an entire inventory of the just-launched TouchPad, and the announcement that HP, the worlds largest PC maker, would no longer be in the PC business. 

Exit Apotheker, stage right. 

Enter Meg Whitman, of eBay fame, who has been very busy trying to put out the fires and get HP on a cohesive track. Recent announcements make it clear that HP may not step out of the PC game. However, the TouchPad and webOS are still officially dead-ish.

But there is still some life left in them yet: take, for example, a program encouraging ongoing development of webOS applications.  Developers have until Nov 18 to sign up for up to 2 Touchpads for “develoment of WebOS apps”. 

Makes you think that not everyone at HP is ready to bury Web OS just yet.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

The world’s largest technology company, HP brings together a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure at the convergence of the cloud and connectivity, creating seamless, secure, context-aware experiences for a connected world. more

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Steve Dotto

Steve Dotto

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