Well.ca Unveils Virtual Store in Toronto's Brookfield Place

Well.ca is launching a North American-first: two virtual indoor stores, with 120 products on display, at the corner of Front and Bay underground in what is known as Brookfield Place—a stone's throw away from Union Station in Toronto. The 689th ranked site in Canada is the #1 health, wellness, and baby products e-commerce store that sells Proctor & Gamble products delivered straight to your door. 

What's interesting is that customers were already purchasing 15% of transactions through mobile—without Well.ca even launching a mobile app. The virtual store will allow you to scan a QR code for the product you want to buy and purchase it right on the spot.

You'll also be able to download the app and even get free shipping as the Guelph, Waterloo, and Toronto-based company prides themselves for their great customer service. They are making Canadians' lives easier by allowing people to conveniently replenish things in the household, offering over 50,000 products.

The company further says that just 3.4% of consumers purchase products online in Canada. Virtual stores could be a great cost-effective way for retailers who haven't made their way into the e-commerce world to do well in an increasingly mobile world. 

After all, can't anything can be a store now with QR Codes?

Techvibes did report last week that 16% of smartphone subscribers were scanning them in December 2011 last week.

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Well.ca is a Canadian online health & beauty store. Although our primary focus is on serving Canadians from coast to coast, we also ship hard-to-find products to the United States. Our local store has operated since 1982 from Guelph, Ontario. We work hard to be a kind, responsible, and friendly company. more

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