What Happened When the BBC Hunted a Facebook Troll to Question His Online Behaviour in Real Life [VIDEO]

The modern definition of "troll" is someone who dedicates themself to stirring up anger online. A pitiful existence, to be certain, but the immoral bravado that internet anonymity seems to give people has nonetheless fostered such a breed of human.

Everyone has seen the bizarre behaviours of trolls online—but what are they like in person? What does a man who spends his days insulting others online look and act like in real life? The British Broadcasting Corporation wanted to find out.

The BBC decided to hunt down a man who trolled Facebook memorial pages of the deceased to post notes—while hiding behind a pseudonym—such as "rot in piss" and other highly racist and derogatory things (which are illegal in the UK). You might think he would have been like a deer in the headlights, embarrassed by his online actions becoming associated with his real persona. Alas, not so—the man was ignorant, bitter, and held no remorse for his incredibly offensive demeanour. "Fuck them," he says of the victims he trolls. "Facebook is an open forum."

Montréal, Québec, Canada

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