What's with Mobilicity's new Android-y corporate identity?

Mobilicity seems to be running out of ideas.

The company appeared hip and fresh when it first launched, and for a while after, because of its unusual antics and unique ways of hyping up promotions and whatnot.

But the discount wireless carrier startup's latest move, a shift in its corporate identity involving a new tagline and two mascots, seems a little bizarre and suspiciously Androidesque.

The company has a new tagline—"Now that's smart." I suppose it applies to both smartphones and smart, as in high value, cellphone plans. Unfortunately, it's painfully generic and uninspired.

Pair it with two "spokesaliens"—hailing from the Tarantula Nebula, a "bright a pink green nebula on the edge of the Large Magellanic Cloud"—and you have a rather questionable new Mobilicity.

“The wireless industry has become commoditized by a flood of offers, price points, handsets and language that we believe are confusing and unhelpful to consumers,” said Mobilicity Chief Customer Officer Anthony Booth. “We have researched the mistrust Canadians have of the Big 3 carriers and we see a tremendous opportunity for a refreshing brand that brings clarity, change and honesty to the industry.”

Only… how do aliens propose to do that? Besides the fact they reek of Android and look straight out of a bad Disney movie, the goofy backdrop to their leaves isn't apt to appeal to many consumers over the age of eight. And the smart tagline sounds like the result of a five-hour meeting of think-alike bobble heads stuck inside a tiny box. Nothing anywhere screams clarity, change, or honesty.

Toronto-based advertising agency Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG created the Mobilicity rebrand campaign. Agency Chairman Bill Sharpe said, “We developed a radically different visual look, and personality, or in this case, personalities to cut through the noise and differentiate Mobilicity with a memorable, personable and loveable brand identity."

Maybe I'm being overly harsh here but I'm just not seeing it. I'm predicting a flop and would be surprised to see Mobilicity earn a solid return on this investment.

Unless their spokesaliens plan on forcefully abducting other carriers' clients, I'd have to argue that Mobilicty messed up.

What do you think of the new identity?


Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

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