Why is I-love-openness Mark Zuckerberg acting all Steve Jobs on us over mobile phone rumours?

Apple: There is no phone. Apple, later: Ok, here's a sweet new phone. Buy it.

Apple: There is no tablet. Apple, later: Ok, here's a magical and revolutionary tablet. Buy it.

Apple: There is no God. Apple, later: Ok, here's Steve Jobs.

The slick and trendy Mac-maker is famous for its high level of secrecy, and denying even the most obvious truths about its company. It's even gone so far as to keep major shareholders in the dark over the health of its CEO, whom the company's success is not guaranteed without.

Pretty much opposite of Steve Jobs and Apple sits Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Zucky says he wants nothing more than to make the world a more open place. Yet, as the rumour mill spins full-speed over Facebook developing mobile phones in partnership with INQ, he and his billion-dollar social networking site have their lips zipped tight. What gives?

Aside from being rather contradictory, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Facebook is not commenting on some issues, denying others, and downplaying others yet: for example, its stated that its "continuing" work with INQ Mobile, as opposed to admitting a newer and much bigger project is now in the works.

Much like Apple, whose quite a poor liar, Facebook is clearly doing something and they may as well fess up about it. After all, it's good to be open, ain't it, Zucky?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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