Woozworld hits 1.7 Million users

by Rob Lewis | Business

This time last year Montreal-based virtual world developer Tribal Nova launched Woozworld - a massive multi-player virtual world for tweens.

Fast forward five months and Woozworld spun off from parent raising a $3 Million in Series A financing round led by iNovia Capital and Telesystems Ventures. The spin-off made sense as Tribal Nova is focused on educational games and Woozworld is clear in it's goal - for tweens to connect and have fun online.

In May of 2010, Woozworld had just over 350,000 users and one million user-generated virtual spaces (up from the the 50 they started with at launch).

Woozworld is based on a simple premise: 4 worlds with their own identities exist within the Woozworld universe: Mystic Alley, Colony 5, Cortoza, LibStreet. The entire experience is built around a UGC engine that allows players to extend the worlds, generate content or create constellations of friends, and everything according to their tastes, trends and aspirations.

According to Woozworld CEO Eric Brassard, Woozworld now has over 1.7 Million user accounts and 2.5 Million virtual spaces with users in 140 countries.

Creating a virtual space (store, restaurant, or activity like the one pictured) on Woozworld is simple but it does take some time and Brassard reports that the average user session on the site is 45 minutes.

Woozworld uses a two currency system (free and paid) where users can buy "doors" to new spaces.

New user acquisition is primarily viral as tweens invite others but Woozworld also has partnerships with companies like Holland's SPIL Games to cross-promote their game.

Woozworld currently employs 25 and based on these strong results will likely be raising more capital in 2011.

iNovia Capital
Montréal, Québec, Canada

iNovia is an early stage venture capital firm that partners with visionary entrepreneurs to build the next generation of digital platforms and services. We leverage our distributed team and network of experienced founders, company builders and engineers to foster the growth of category-defining businesses. Headquartered in Canada, iNovia manages $450M and invests across North America. more

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Woozworld Inc. is a developer and operator of virtual worlds. A recent spin-off from Tribal Nova Inc, the company markets and operates Woozworld.com, an innovative global web 2.0 virtual world for tweens that is built and led by its users. Its unique environment evolves continuously and allows users to create space, run activities and do business among countless other things. The company has a... more

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