Worio tames the info flow on Facebook

by Warren Frey

One of the biggest problems with any social network is the dreaded spectre of TMI: Too Much Information. This can range from finding out what old high school acquaintances had for lunch to finding out a distant relative is “in a relationship”...with another relative.

But an ideal solution would be to mould the torrent of info, both relevant and spurious, into just what you want when you wanted, or didn’t even know you needed.

Worio is a web search technology initially designed by University of British Columbia students and funded by Canada’s National Research Council and PRECARN. Worio uses semantic search to enhance standard search engine queries and suggest individualized results. But today the site has unveiled a new feature that allows you to make those same discoveries via Facebook.

By using Facebook’s new Open Stream API, noting status updates, comments, link sharing and other activity, Worio is able to point users at new sites that are tailored to their interests. Using Worio via Facebook is as easy as installing the Facebook app, and then acting as per normal and letting Worio’s AI do the rest.

"As the amount of information in our social feeds rises, it is increasingly difficult to find the items that are most relevant to us. Worio's artificial intelligence algorithms learn from the social activity of your network of friends to deliver personalized discoveries to your feed." Mike Klaas, CTO of Worio.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Worio is creating a new category of personalized Web search: discovery. Its engine works alongside traditional search engines to deliver individually tailored results so users can discover what they’ve been missing. Worio has two provisional patents and one pending for its technology. The Vancouver, British Columbia-based company was founded by students from the University of British Columbia... more

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Warren Frey

Warren Frey

Warren Frey is a writer, editor, blogger and podcaster based out of Vancouver, BC. After working for six years in the Canadian broadcasting industry, he switched to print and has since covered varied assignments from plumbing conferences to star-studded film galas. But he’s never lost his love for the internet and interactive media, from his teens when he dived into the WELL on his “Woz”... more

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