Workplace Giving with Spark! from Calgary Company Benevity

by Sarah Blue | News

I’m pretty sure one of the worst nightmares I ever had involved me playing volleyball with my coworkers. I know that some people cannot wait for the corporate challenge every year, but for employees like me, it’s de-motivating enough to make me consider calling in sick for work.

I am not discounting the money raised during events such as the Corporate Challenge, I just wish there was something more flexible when it comes to charitable work donations. Workplace giving that had me and my interests in mind. Turns out, Benevity had the same idea. They’ve come up with something called Spark! an online workplace giving tool that helps companies of all sizes manage corporate donations with their employees.

Spark! seems ideal for companies that don’t have tons of time, resources, or budget to dedicate to employee giving, but still want to help their employees give back. Using Spark!, each employee can donate to the registered charity of their choice, or to a subset of vetted charities. This means each employee can feel good about where the company money is going. Everyone is doing their part for a charity they feel passionate about.

If your company is using Spark! to incentivize and reward employees, you can get company branded donation gift cards to hand out, to be used for the cause of their choice. It’s also easy to set up corporate matching (automated of course!), so that the company can match donations made by employees.

Spark also allows employees to set up their own portfolio of charities, meaning that they can manage what charities to donate to and how often they donate – all under your company brand.

Workplace giving is a huge part of what makes an employer seem likeable to employees. Spark! enables this with ease and focus (and no team volleyball). 

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Benevity is a software social enterprise passionate about creating distinctive, easy and compelling ways for companies to make a difference while achieving greater business impacts from their cause marketing, community investment, workplace giving and volunteering programs (we make “doing well by doing good” more than just a tagline!). We’re a registered B Corporation, which means we’re part... more

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Sarah Blue

Sarah Blue

Sarah is currently in charge of community outreach for Cardinal Media Technologies. Cardinal is a music participation and insight platform that lets users share what they're listening to, discover new music and friends, create ad-hoc location-based networks, and influence what's playing at 'Cardinal Powered' venues. Sarah has partnered with startup and community leaders to educate... more

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