Yahoo's web content style guide now on sale

by Knowlton Thomas

The first of its kind, Yahoo's style guide, which is designed specifically and exclusively for online content, is now for sale at a variety of bookstores. We recently covered the guide:

They have a word list, where you can see when to use slashes (24/7), hyphens (50-50), or spaces (decision maker) in words, or when to combine things into one word (website, email, smartphone). It also has an Editing 101 section, which is sorely needed for the majority of web copy these days. There are resources, too, which include the heavily buzzworded "SEO optimization" concept. And what online style guide would be complete without an FAQ page?

The ink-and-paper book isn't a necessity, as the majority of the style guide's content is available for free on the site. But those who take the craft of web writing (and editing) seriously should purchase this auxiliary, if for no reason than to support the potential for this to become a growing trend - or, if we're really lucky, a staple on the bookshelves of online content generators.

Will you buy the print guide, just rely on its online portions, or rebel against it all?

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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