Yelp’s Launching New iPhone App

by Victoria Revay

I’ve been reviewing hyper-local review sites in Vancouver and I know some of them, like Rilli, are working on integrating a mobile component.  I think we’re all aware of the potential of putting events listings and local reviews on mobile devices.  The potential is huge and those in the game (locally speaking) that haven't already started to or haven't planned on offering a mobile option for their service, should.

Why?  Because one of the biggest competitors Yelp is launching an upgraded version of their iPhone app, focusing on a Twitter-like “Quick Tips” feature and offer improved GPS.  Although the original app is less than a year old, Yelp felt it was lacking this critical REAL-TIME-type of feature.  The new app will let you write a review directly from your iPhone.   Like before, the app will leverages GPS so the feeds from the Quick Tips will list the reviews, tips, and photos that is relevant to the user. In addition, a Friend Feed feature will be added that will pull in your friends’ activities. I guess Yelp’s idea is that there would be nothing better than to read a rant from an irate customer as it's happening to them.  It’s reality review-drama on your mobile and what could be better than that? 

For us in Canada and the UK, the app will be upgraded so it’s compatible.

San Francisco, California, United States

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Victoria Revay

Victoria Revay

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