Young Toronto student entrepreneur founds startup, lands deal with major Canadian retailer

by Knowlton Thomas | Startups

Josiah Shelley, a student of Toronto's Tyndale University, last year founded Up2date Communications at the ripe young age of 20.

Now 21, student entrepreneur Josiah's startup has "grown considerably" since inception. This is demonstrated by the startup's biggest deal to date—working with West 49, a large Canadian retailer. Up2date Communications is providing West 49 with a new text messaging service that allows them to reach their customers through their mobile phones. 

“We are thrilled to be working with West 49 on their mobile marketing program,” explains Josiah. “More and more companies are realizing that they can send targeted messages and engage customers through mobile technology; after all, everyone carries a cell phone.”

Josiah is an award recipient from the Ontario Government’s Summer Company program, and is also a nominee for the 2011 FuEL Awards, which recognizes young entrepreneurial leaders in Canada. During his university education he developed the online software to be used by businesses throughout Canada looking for an effective way to reach their target audience.

"We are very excited to be working with Up2date on executing our new Mobile marketing strategy," says West 49. "Up2date's turn-key solution allowed us to seamlessly and easily integrate Mobile into our media mix. Working with Josiah has been a great experience, his expertise and recommendations on how to make the most of Mobile marketing for our business have helped us to see immediate results in engaging customers. We have been pleasantly surprised by the response rates we've seen in the first few months, and are excited to continue our partnership with Up2date and to utilize mobile marketing as a key tactic for upcoming campaigns."

"Up2date Communications has been a journey...starting from concept to reality, and now that companies are using my solutions it's a true blessing to see Up2date flourish and I look forward to seeing more campaigns launched in Canada," says Josiah. "A Former Dragon, Brett Wilson replied to one of my tweets and told me to keep studying marketing and that's what I have done and continue to do. Combine all these factors with passion and this produces results for my clients."

Up2date Communications
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Up2date is a mobile marketing company that focuses on bridging the gap between people and places. We Utilize mobile technology including text messaging solutions, mobile web, mobile applications and QR Codes. We create end-to-end solutions that heighten engagement and uplift consumer response rates for our clients. more

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