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Canadians' Science Literacy Ranks 1st Among 35 Countries

A new expert panel report, Science Culture: Where Canada Stands, released last week by the Council of Canadian Academies, helps to paint the clearest picture of Canada's science culture and science culture support system in 25 years.

The report found that 42 per cent of Canadians have a basic level of scientific literacy necessary to understand media reports about science, putting Canada first among 35 countries with similar available data.

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Smartphone Apps That Mean Business

In 2008, Apple launched the App Store for the iPhone. It quickly came to define what an app store was all about. And what it was about was games and other consumer-focused tasks.

But travel back in time a few years before that, and you find yourself in a world before the iPhone, when smartphones were not on consumer wish lists.

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Montreal Vows to be an Open City, but What Exactly Does That Mean?

We often talk about openness on the web. In many ways, it has become an amorphous term behind which good intentions can thrive, even if the action required to sustain them goes missing.

Google’s Jonathan Rosenberg cites openness in technology as a Rashomon-like word: something that is painted as essential, but subjectively placed in the eyes of the beholder. In the movie Rashomon, four eyewitnesses conflict with one another over their account of the same event.

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