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Resilience, Not Prevention, is the Key to Defending Cyber Threats

Imagine a city that has no fire department.

Oh, the city leaders spend plenty of money on preventing fires. They make sure every home and building has fire extinguishers. All the fire escapes are built up to code. Building materials are made to be resistant to flames. But despite their best efforts, a fire will occasionally break out, and when it does, people who live in that city can do nothing but look at each other and wonder what went wrong.

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Guide to the Best Accounting Software for SaaS Businesses

Without the proper systems and tech stack in place, accounting for your SaaS business can be a nightmare. It can be exceptionally administrative and manual which might not only result in a major waste of time for the founders and their team members at the company, but will also result in not getting timely financial data to base strategic decisions on.

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