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Why You Should Make Analytics a Higher Priority in Your Business

For a few years now we’ve been hearing about a data revolution sparked by the convergence of cloud, social, mobile and connected computing.

It’s been widely cited that 90 per cent of the world’s data has been created in the past two years - a number that’s staggering. And with a projected 50 billion “things” connected by 2020, the volume of data available is expected to grow exponentially.

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Did BYOD's Catchy Name Make Us Look Past Its Flaws?

The trend now, as it has been for years, is to give every new tech product or strategy a catchy name, preferably an acronym or initialism -- something that will be easy to remember and simpler to write in an email. It may seem a bit cheesy, but businesses do it because it works.

One example of this is BYOD, which is short for bring your own device.

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Meta, an Artificial Intelligence Platform for Science, Receives $6 Million in Funding

Toronto's Meta announced today that they have raised a $6 million financing round led by Rho Canada Ventures and including Western Technology Investment and iGan Partners.

Meta (formerly ScienceScape) is a machine intelligence and big-data-as-a-service company for researchers and scientific industries and was a finalist for Techvibes 2014 Accelerator Graduate of the Year Award.

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Blueprint Secures $23 Million in Funding to Fuel Continued Hyper Growth

Toronto's Blueprint announced today that it has secured $23 million in funding, led by US-based Centana Growth Partners.

Blueprint helps enterprise organizations to de-risk and accelerate large, complex IT projects. Customers include JP Morgan Chase & Co., Costco, MetLife, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Sallie Mae and several Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations.

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