Strongbody Apparel Uses Nanotechnology from Ocean to Make Next Generation of Activewear

From high-intensity training to grocery shopping, Strongbody Apparel is ready to face any challenge.

The Vancouver-based athletic wear manufacturer is changing the way people think and wear their gym clothes. Gone are the days of jogging in a worn out hoodie á la Rocky Balboa: casual and professional athletes alike are seeking the next garment innovation that can endure the strain and sweat of training, as well as the functionality needed in order to reach their athletic pursuits.

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More Money Won't Work: How to Cultivate Creativity in Today's Knowledge Economy

In 1776 the pioneer of political economy Adam Smith theorized that dividing labour could maximize efficiency within a pin factory. One man draws out the wire, another straights it, a third cuts it and a fourth points it, argued the Scotsman. Accordingly, output would increase dramatically.

The Industrial age took the example as its efficiency ethos, and the beginnings of modern business process were born.

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