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Will Virtual Sports Ever Win Their Way onto the Olympic Podium?

Virtual sports, like many Olympic events, require endurance, determination, precision and hours upon hours of training. But in the athletic community, the idea of video games being placed into the same category as hockey, track and field and gymnastic is laughable. There is a notion that any sport where the participant can compete while sitting on their couch or computer chair cannot be considered a real sport.

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Videogame Prices are on the Rise in Canada – Depending on Your Definition of 'Videogames'

i had to laugh when i read some articles warning that the price of "games" in Canada is set to rise. Self-appointed video game sage Michael Pachter predicts a return to a $69.99 price point for new-gen PS4 and Xbox One games following a low of $49.99 and $59.99 on their console predecessors. The faltering loonie has already made that prediction a reality here in Canada, with "game" prices for many titles hitting $69.99 at retailers like EB Games, Best Buy and Future Shop.

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PS4 More Popular with Canadians than Xbox One, Survey Suggests

With the runaway popularity of mobile and tablet gaming stealing the focus from the home console space, some pundits wondered whether the battle for the living room had not shifted to people's pockets. That line of questioning has taken a back seat to the latest battle in the console wars, as fresh casualties pile up daily between the two leading contenders, Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One.

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