2Social is a boutique digital marketing agency, focused on building your dynamic social city. We have carved a career path with our tech nerdiness + web savviness, utilizing our proactive social personalities online to strategize, develop, and grow, the online presence of local companies and national brands.

The 2Social team strategizes, socializes and bridges the virtual with reality. We build social plans to help grow, connect and flourish online. We are the social city planners and developers for your online marketing journey, and our passion is in your success.

Nestled in the heart of the Junction, Toronto’s colourful and energetic neighbourhood, 2Social takes on social as we would real life relationships. We create, build, and nurture long-lasting relationships with our client’s goals always in mind.

Internet Marketing, Web Design & Development, Hosting, E-Commerce, Miscellaneous, Social Media

102 - 142 Vine Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada