Founded in 1999, Ad-Dispatch is a North American leader in Augmented Reality (AR). Always on the cutting edge of technology, the company has evolved over the past 12 years into an interactive content creation powerhouse, recognized globally for their unique ability to integrate AR technology into the marketing mainstream without sacrificing creative campaign objectives.


News on Ad-Dispatch

Nova Scotia Tourism “Augments” Cabot Trail [Video]
Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming more and more popular as of late, with businesses looking to increase customer interaction with their products.  It would seem that Dartmouth-based... more
Ad-Dispatch Get $250,000 To Make Interactive Clothing
A pioneer in augmented reality (AR), Ad-Dispatch try to make the ordinary... a little less so.  Using almost any cellphone, and their cutting-edge AR technology, Ad-Dispatch are able to do... more
Ad-Dispatch uses Augmented Reality to replace QR codes with company logos
QR codes are everywhere. However, they have yet to impress consumers to the point of achieving worldwide adoption and usage. In addition, some marketers would argue that slapping a QR code onto a... more

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