AdParlor is a full service social network advertising agency. We have worked with some of the largest brands in the world.

At the core of our business, we operate an advertising network designed specifically for the leading social networking sites - facebook, myspace, hi5, bebo, orkut, friendster and fanbox. We have partnered with these sites, as well as with hundreds of application developers, to display millions of ads every single day around the world targeted by age, gender, and location.

Our ad network allows social networking application developers to monetize their applications as well as cost-effectively attract more users. We allow marketers to reach out to the growing group of internet users that spend most of their internet time on social networking sites. Using demographic targeting and an innovative tagging system, we are able to serve relevant ads resulting in a high CTR (Click Through Rate). This translates into high eCPM rates for our publishers (application developers) as well as high conversion rates for our advertisers.


News on AdParlor

AdParlor to Offer Job to Winner of Upcoming Facebook Hack
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Adknowledge acquires Toronto's AdParlor
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Quitting jobs dropping out of school: it's worked for the founders of Toronto's AdParlor
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Toronto's AdParlor to exclusively manage Groupon's ads on Facebook
Last month Groupon signed an exclusive agreement with Toronto's AdParlor to have them manage their entire advertising spend on Facebook. Significant news for a Canadian startup with only 13... more
AdParlor targets Social Media App Developers
Since launching early last year, Toronto-based AdParlor has been focused on building its banner ad network and virtual currency monetization platform for social networking sites. To date they have... more

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