After My Deal

After My Deal

After My Deal provides daily deal companies with post-deal service and results that are used directly to intelligently source local merchants, keep current subscribers with increasingly relevant local offerings and retain current deal merchants by helping them grow their business after their deal is done.

When the deal is done, its not over.

The After My Deal, Deal Optimizer, studies each sale from a completed deal and compares each of the deal buyer neighborhoods and determines what each neighborhood has in common. Commonalities such as income, age, ethnicity, and family size are studied to create an accurate profile of your daily deal buyer. To do this the Deal Optimizer processes millions of records of information to determine where other neighborhoods have the greatest potential to have more customers to purchase your product or service.

Using our patent pending process, the Deal Optimizer processes each daily deal and identifies the top neighborhoods in each city where online advertising and direct mail can be applied. Ad Targeting recommendations are made for Google AdWords, Microsoft Ad Center, facebook, Canada Post and the United States Postal Service. Each set of platform specific recommendations also include a complete set of instructions on how to apply the deal recommendations.


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