AfterCAD Software

AfterCAD Software

Aftercad Software has a rich history in the development of new and novel methods for the display of complex visual data for 2D and 3D CAD applications. Aftercad addresses the incompatibility of proprietary CAD software file formats in the enterprise. These proprietary files limit the availability and/or access to CAD information due to the need for expensive proprietary viewers, mark-up tools and data file management tools. Aftercad's products fundamentally "democratize" access to CAD data and make it available across the organization through any web delivery mechanism while simultaneously lowering software licensing and operation costs.

Early on Aftercad developed the first CAD to SVG conversion tool to help companies like Verizon and ATT liberate their CAD data from inflexible proprietary CAD file formats to an XML based format called SVG. This enabled them for the first time to integrate their CAD data visually with in place workforce and workorder solutions. The ROI delivered from these projects continues today, demonstrating a massive increase in efficiency, real time knowledge transfer and worker travel savings. We learned that simple access to complex visual data brings tremendous opportunity to users who need access from anywhere, at any time and this is the reoccurring theme throughout our offerings.

Going forward we have graduated to offering more methods of complex visual information delivery including CAD-on-maps, 3D and collaboration tool and gaming delivery solutions. These are deployed as a solution set for modern workflow systems that include Cloud Computing, Open Source Technologies and Software-as-a-Service considerations. We are proud to be at the technical forefront of the transition from traditional proprietary systems to open web based systems and believe that companies who embrace these new offerings will reap great ROI by empowering their users and facilitating real time knowledge transfer via real time collaboration over the web to the desktop and mobile devices. Aftercad's team represents over 35 years of man-experience in CAD conversion, collaboration and web publishing. Let us help you with your CAD workflow needs.

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