Through the use of dedicated communities, blogging, webcasting, podcasting and other Web 2.0 tools, AGORACOM fills the information void created by the lack of small-cap coverage in the financial media. In addition, through strict enforcement of our 6 Rules Of Use, we eliminate stock promotion techniques such as spam, hyping and bashing whose sole purpose is to manipulate share prices.

To accomplish this, we had to create a different business model that did not depend on advertising and, therefore, did not sacrifice quality of information for quantity of information. No bickering, profanity, flaming, spam, etc. This has been the very downfall of every small-cap community that came before us.

As such, AGORACOM derives more than 95% of revenues from public companies that engage us via annual contracts to utilize our superior Web 2.0 community and communications tools. We declare every client via press release and clearly label ourselves as their “official online IR firm” throughout the site.

We believe in small entrepreneurs and small investors. We serve them by widely disseminating great information and then providing current and prospective investors with unsurpassed management access to conduct the best due diligence possible, leading to the most informed investment decision possible.

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