In just a decade the Internet’s advances have made the world a better place. At Akoha, we want to take that a step further. With six billion people covering seven continents and five oceans, our planet is the ultimate playground, a place for real people to engage in meaningful interactions.

Akoha was founded by Austin Hill and Alex Eberts, long-time friends and entrepreneurs. After attending the TED Conference in Monterey where the theme was “Ideas Big Enough to Change the World”, and the Sundance Film Festival where some of their friends were discussing movies that could make a difference, the two began a series of conversations about the future of online entertainment. These discussions about the power of online communities and the changing nature of play were the spark that led to Akoha.


News on Akoha

Montreal's Akoha to shut down August 15th
Montreal's Akoha annouced today on their blog that they will be shutting down on August 15th. In a letter penned to Akoha Community Members, the Akoha founders shared the unfortunate news that... more
Akoha launches iPhone App and promises a little awesome
Montreal's Akoha unveiled a new iPhone App and site that promises to “add a little awesome to your life”. The new Akoha is built on the basic premise that special little moments make... more
Apply now to be crowned Canadian Innovation Leader
The Canadian Innovation Exchange's lineup is taking shape and it's a veritable who's who of investors in innovation. Sir Terry Matthews, Paul Kedrosky, and Microsoft Research's Bill Buxton will be... more
Canadians twittering at SXSW, GDC, and Web 2.0 Expo
Montreal entrepreneur Austin Hill of Akoha is trying to rally the Canadian troops during 'conference season' which includes SXSW Interactive in Austin from March 13-17th, the Game Developers... more
Akoha up for a 2008 Crunchie
Voting for the 2008 Crunchies has begun and Montreal's Akoha is a finalist in the "Most Likely To Make The World A Better Place" category. Competition will be stiff with Facebook app Causes,... more
Banff Venture Forum Delivers on Promise of Connection
We are living in a virtual world. Able to connect with more information and more people on a daily basis than ever before. I can sit in my home office in the early morning, Skype with someone in... more
BVF08: Akoha to be a Game-changer
Up next in the Banff Venture Forum IT Stream is Austin Hill of Akoha. We've covered Akoha plenty during 2008, so I won't go into to detail with regards to their plans. Playing with others is so... more
Akoha Makes First Public Presentation at TechCrunch50
I tuned in to the TechCrunch50 video stream just in time to watch Austin Hill give the first public presentation of Akoha. So what is it? Here's a bold introduction from their site: In just a... more
Akoha Unveiling Tomorrow at TC50; Free Kits for Techvibes Readers
Akoha is a Montreal-based startup that's been running stealth for some time now. Their site is very vague on what it is, but the words "community" and "play" are used a lot. Whatever it is, they... more
Akoha Ushered in at Sneak Preview Event
Via MontrealTechWatch, Montreal's most secretive tech start-up Akoha appears to be preparing for launch. This week they're hosting a private sneak preview of their new social gaming platform which... more
Community Gardener - Akoha
You are the friendliest, happiest, smiliest person on the face of this Earth. When you walk past, crying babies begin to burble. You call people and they hear a smile over the phone. Your emails... more
CIX: Akoha & Bitcasters
Akoha's Founder Austin Hill kicked off the second tranche of presentations in the afternoon with the story of his current start-up and it's recent success. Hill sees a billion dollar game... more
Akoha hits $1.9 million high score
Akoha, a Montreal-based startup currently toiling away at a "new type of multiplayer online/offline social game." has secured $1.9 million in funding from angel investors. Founded by Austin Hill... more

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