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Timing Your Exit - Don’t Ride It Over the Top
Most entrepreneurs wait too long to start thinking about their exit. They usually sell their companies for much less than they could have. The valuation curve, and return to shareholders, usually... more
Selling a Business - A Guide for Entrepreneurs and Investors
This video series is a practical guide on selling a business, the exit process, the exit team and how to sell for 50% more. The video is from my keynote speech at the National Angel Capital... more
Google Wants To Do Even Earlier Exits
When I first wrote about early exits on Techvibes, I was a little surprised by the number of negative comments, for example here and here. Undeterred, I wrote an entire book on the subject: "Early... more
Exit Early - Exit Often, Keynote HD Video
This is the high def video of my keynote at the Capital Connects! Southeastern Regional Angel Capital Association Meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina - October 1, 2009 Highlights of the... more
Exit Strategies for Angel Investors Video
The Northwest Energy Angels invited me to Seattle to talk about exit strategies for Angel investors. The full video and Q&A from that talk is online in full 720p High Def. Some of the... more
Start at the End - Your Exit Strategy - presented at the 2009 New Ventures BC Seminar Series
It's the eve of the New Ventures BC Awards ceremony, I've just posted the edited video of the last talk in this year's New Ventures Seminar Series: Start at the End - Your Exit Strategy. Some of... more
M&A Advisers Should be Close to Home
When CEOs and boards begin to look for an M&A adviser, they often start in one of the big financial centers, like New York or Boston. It's a natural mistake - and one that's often expensive and... more
Early Exits - Your Golden Opportunity - Full HD Video
ORIC - The Okanagan Research & Innovation Centre invited me to Kelowna to talk about early exits. The event was co-sponsored by Axel Partners.The talk was titled: "Early Exits - Your Golden... more
The Angel Investor Blog List
This is the first list of Angel Investor blogs. For a few years now, I have wondered why there aren’t more blogs written by angel investors. One of the reasons I’ve been perplexed by... more
How much will you pay an M&A Advisor to sell your company?
This is an excerpt from my new book: Early Exits - Exit Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors (But Maybe Not Venture Capitalists).Several people have mentioned how much they appreciate... more
Basil Peters on Early Exits this Wednesday
The final seminar in the New Ventures BC 10-week seminar series is this Wednesday and legendary Vancouver Angel and Techvibes contributor Basil Peters will be presenting "Start at the end: exit... more
Don't Blow the Biggest Deal of Your Life
This post is a video series from a talk I gave to the Vancouver Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). It's the first time I've had the courage to describe all of the things I... more
Maximize Your Company's Exit Value
This is a continuation of my video series on exit transactions. This is the second part of my talk at the National Angel Capital Association Annual Summit last month in Atlanta.... more
Exit Strategies for Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs Videos
This is the video of a talk I gave on Exit Strategies for Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs at the Angel Capital Association Annual Summit in Atlanta. Topics include: The Current... more
Venture Analysis – Access Your Startup’s Feasibility and Fundability
This post is an enthusiastic endorsement of a new service for entrepreneurs called a “Venture Analysis”. I run an angel fund, belong to three angel groups, blog about angel investing... more
Angels finance 27 times more start-ups than VCs
It’s amazing how many entrepreneurs think venture capital funds are the primary source of funding for seed and start-up companies. VCs only fund 400 to 600 seed or start-up companies per... more
VC Return Numbers are Bogus
There has been a lot of excellent blogging and valuable dialog recently about the Venture Capital Model Being Broken. Everyone is trying to figure out what happened to the VC industry, and many... more
Optimum Share and Option Vesting
I believe vesting is the most important element of corporate structure. It is essential to ensuring that both entrepreneurs and investors are treated fairly and equitably. Vesting has incredibly... more
Why VCs Will Block Good Exits
This is a continuation of my previous posts on exits. This is a story about one of the little known facts about what happens when traditional venture capitalists invest in your company. A... more
Venture Capital Fund Lifetimes
My previous post was about how it takes about a decade longer to exit in companies with venture capital investors. That's much longer than most entrepreneurs and angel investors would guess. Most... more
What Happens to Exits When VCs Invest
My previous post showed how the math behind venture capital funds determined venture capital exit times. The post included a simple model to show what the median exit times really meant to... more
Venture Capital Exit Times - What it Means for Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors
My two previous posts described how venture capital investors will want to invest too much and then exit only for very high returns. Why are those bad things for entrepreneurs and angel investors?... more
Venture Capital Funds - How the Math Works
Why the Size of Venture Capital Funds Matters to Angels and Entrepreneurs My previous post was titled Venture Capital Firms Are Too Big. That post provides one important piece of data necessary to... more
Venture Capital Firms Are Too Big
Many bloggers have been saying recently that the VC Model is Broken. One of the most important reasons is that Venture Capital Firms are just too big. Why Venture Capital Firms Got Too Big In the... more
The Essential Startup To Do List
This post is dedicated to a team of promising young entrepreneurs who asked me recently if they could all just "put some money in a bank account" to launch their startup. I wanted to say 'yes'... more
Exit strategy - it’s a good time to sell a tech company
You might think with all the doom and gloom out there about the subprime lending crisis, and the crash in real estate values, that it wouldn’t be a good time to sell a technology company.... more
Early Exits are a Natural Consequence of the Internet
Basil Peters is a Techvibes Guest Contributor. Whenever I hear an entrepreneur, or angel investor, say “early exit” they have a huge smile on their face. Even my VC friends beam when... more
Angel Investing Taking Off in BC
Basil Peters is a Techvibes Guest Contributor. All of a sudden, it seems like angel investing - and startups - are exploding in Vancouver. I remember going to the first Vantec and Vancouver Angel... more
We are really good at early exits in BC and Alberta
Basil Peters is a Techvibes Guest Contributor. Contrary to general opinion, BC and Alberta entrepreneurs and investors produce excellent returns from our tech companies. One of ways we do this is... more
Startup Funding – the Friends and Family Round
Basil Peters is a Techvibes Guest Contributor. Over 90% of successful tech companies are financed in pretty much the same way: Startup funding from Friends and Family investors, then Angel... more
Funding your startup - target family and angels, not VCs.
Basil Peters is a Techvibes Guest Contributor. It’s surprising how often first time entrepreneurs will set out to find a ‘venture capitalist’ to fund their startup. These days,... more

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