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AOL Canada

AOL Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of America Online, Inc., which is the world's leading interactive services company with more than 28 million members worldwide. AOL Canada provides enhanced Internet experiences to Canadians. Representing a portfolio of pioneering Internet brands including AOL, Netscape and CompuServe, AOL Canada Inc. continues to change and enhance the scope of what people can do online. AOL Canada is dedicated to helping people get more out of their Internet with new Internet innovations that offer more control, better security, more versatility and a more enjoyable experience.

AOL Canada's portfolio of online services are provided under the AOL®, Netscape® and CompuServe® brands. AOL branded products include AOL Broadband high-speed Internet service; AOL Max Internet software for any high-speed connection; and AOL dial-up. Netscape branded products include and portals; Netscape browser; Netscape Internet services; and Netscape NitroTM web accelerator. AOL Canada also offers IP-based communication services including AOL TotalTalkTM using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and AOL Talk for AOL Instant Messenger® (AIM®). AIM is the world's leading instant messaging community with more than 35 million active users globally.

The AOL Media Network of online properties such as and reach millions of Canadian consumers monthly.

AOL is a registered trademark of America Online, Inc.

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