Archon Systems Inc

Archon Systems Inc

We make beautiful software designed to help small businesses. inFlow inventory has over 250 000 users in 60 countries in a variety of industries including retail, wholesale, manufacturing, e-commerce and services.

In addition to keeping track of inventory, inFlow generates reports, purchase orders, sales orders, work orders, sales quotes, invoices and shipping docs. All documents can easily be previewed, printed or saved to PDF for simple sending to vendors or customers. The software also supports barcode integration, multiple locations, returns, multiple currencies and taxing schemes, unit converting, multi-level pricing, and custom fields.

Be professional with the ability to easily produce sophisticated business documents. You can also fulfill customer and vendor inquires more accurately and efficiently since all your data is in once place.

Stay knowledgeable with a dashboard that shows your important business info at a glance. Instantly see outstanding orders, a top 5 list and a customizable graph of cash flow, sales, profits and costs. Export your reports to PDF or Excel for easy sharing.

Improve your productivity by letting inFlow do the paperwork for you. Instantly create required paperwork to preview, print, or save to a file. inFlow will even suggest products to reorder and the auto-fill button feature means you are only one click away from being done.

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Web Developer
Build websites and want to work from home 2-3 days a week? Yes and yes? Read on! Who are we We’re a rapidly growing (and profitable!) startup making software to help small businesses. Our... more

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