ArcSSET is a cloud based asset management and mapping solution utilizing a dynamic and flexible platform structure to build mobile data collection processes to report, assess, manipulate, document and archive any data for any asset type. Our uniqueness is that each and every asset is identified by a QR or RFID tag. A simple scan will recall previous history of an asset or upload recently collected data. Asset types can range from construction equipment to oil and gas, utilities, or street signs.

ArcSSET is available on multiple platforms, allowing you to choose between a simple to learn, intuitive environment of iOS devices or GPS enabled heavy duty rugged data collectors running Windows Mobile. ArcSSET records and updates asset GPS location on each scan event so assets are easy to find, inspect, maintain, service, and update.

A user friendly browser interface includes extensive reporting, querying and export functions to meet the needs of to your company field ops or IT department. The integration or addition of ArcSSET’s solution to your existing systems is simple and most importantly cost effective. ArcSSET provides multiple benefits to make you more productive and profitable.


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