Arroware Industries Inc.

Arroware Industries Inc.

Arroware Industries Inc. is a social media-based tech company. We are launching an exciting app, myApollo, this coming June.

What is myApollo? myApollo is a revolutionary personal and social networking tool, which allows you to create your own super network of devices. It's the perfect application for students, and people on the go to mobilize their data- as well as people who wish to connect with friends, share multimedia, or even a business who wants to streamline their workflow. All this wonderful functionality of the myApollo application comes completely free.

How does it work? Think of it as your private cloud. The myApollo application works by creating a virtual super network between your devices, leveraging your existing technology to make your life easier. Users set up a username and password and breeze through the setup process on their desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device. Afterwards, the user can develop a profile, add contacts- sync and share files, pictures or even HD videos instantly across the myApollo network. After setting up myApollo on multiple devices, a user can experience instant access to any file on any device on their network.

The devices intelligently sync and back up across the platform, so if one device is lost, it's as easy as downloading the application and signing back in. The information sits within the myApollo network and is able to be reconstructed by your other devices.

E-Commerce, Mobile, Social Media, Startup

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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada