Art Face Off

Art Face Off

Art Face Off is a new online home for the global art community. Everyday we have more and more people join our movement &ndash possibly the most important movement in the art world of the information age &ndash the development of a democratic world art community, flourishing and energized by the vigor of healthy competition.

As a global art community, we vote to choose the next great artists of our times. Our Face Off competitions are designed to promote all artists and encourage everyone to participate. We are different.

Our headquarters are located in Portland, Oregon, in a tiny gallery on the fringes of the Pearl Arts District. Steven W. Ochs instigator of the movement, began his quest to build Art Face Off in 2004. The website, finally launched on September 1, 2006, continues to grow rapidly as our volunteers and employees labor at the monumental task of getting the word out to every artist in the world.

United we are a much stronger force.

Every artist, curator, art lover and critic who signs up is helping to create a comprehensive, centralized, online art community that is free and open to all.

At, we provide each of our artists a free online portfolio of a professional quality that will be viewed by artists, critics and curators all across the globe. provides anyone access to the new movements and trends of the contemporary art world on a massive scale. Having a single, central artists database gives art lovers the opportunity to view the work and progress of their favorite artists, as well as providing an easy way to become acquainted with new artists.

Each Face Off will spotlight two highly rated artists every two weeks. Thus, previously unheard of artists will gain instant notoriety as their work is exposed to thousands of art lovers across the world. Every artist who enters into the ArtFaceOff competition faces the possibility of becoming a world famous art icon.

Curate with ease

Curators work will be easier than ever with supplying them with a vast database of portfolios complete with artist&rsquos histories, statements, and contact information. The weighted rating system will let curators know which artists are the most popular with other curators, artists, and the general public.


Portland, Oregon, United States