AskForTask is currently the only online platform helping Canadians complete their daily tasks while also providing job opportunities by connecting people in a secure, safe and reliable environment. The website has over 35,000 users and is continually expanding with over $1 million in jobs created.

The objective of the website is simple. Users looking for help with a project – considered ‘Askers’ – can post any task for free on the website. Askers can choose their own price and set the time and date they need the task completed by. Those seeking work experience or want to make some extra money can post offers on their desired tasks – these are the ‘Taskers’.

The website matches the right ‘asker’ to the right ‘tasker’, diminishing the hassle of sifting through unqualified resumes or applying to jobs that do not match a person’s skillset. ‘Taskers’ can develop their work experience and virtually create an online resume according to feedback from previously completed tasks.

Initially exclusive to the GTA, transformed its original beta version of the website prior to its nationwide launch. Features such as automatic geo-location, Facebook account verification, private messaging functionality and mobile phone verification improved the websites usability. “We try to be as meticulous as possible,” assures COO Nabeel Mushtaq, “testing applications routinely prior to implementation”. As they grow, AskForTask continues to experiment and improve – maximizing their user-friendly service.

Tasks range anywhere from assembling Ikea furniture to picking up groceries. AskForTask CEO Muneeb Mushtaq reports that, “pick-up and deliveries are [their] most requested tasks” recognizing large retailers, such as TARGET, “have yet to offer this type of service to their customers”. Moreover, encourages feedback from its users, incorporating a live chat component for all questions or concerns. Their customer service representatives are additionally located in neighbourhoods across Canada. Currently, many users are clustered in Southern Ontario; however, demand for this service is prevalent as it caters to the entire Canadian population.


CEO Muneeb Mushtaq, 22, originating from Mississauga, Ontario developed while studying commerce at the University of Toronto when his mother inquired about repairing a leaky facet. As he navigated his available resources, Muneeb soon realized this simple task was challenged due to back-and-forth miscommunication. This led the young entrepreneur to develop an application that seamlessly locates trusted help nearby.

With this concept in mind, Muneeb partnered up with his 19 year-old brother, Nabeel Mushtaq, a Seneca@York computer-systems technology student. The two developed a beta version website in 2012. The test site received rapid success – retaining approximately 8,000 users and $90,000 worth of tasks in its initial stages. The outcome encouraged them to take their idea to the next level.

The duo then sought out seed money from friends and family, raising $175,000. In turn they hired a developer and reorganized from the ground up. The site then relaunched nationwide in 2013. Their following quickly grew to 35,000 users and continues to grow rapidly. The company currently staffs ten highly creative and educated individuals and foresees expanding up to 30 employees by the beginning of next year. also has a strong social media presence with over 4,500 ‘likes’ on Facebook and 15,000 followers on Twitter.

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