Less is more with Attensa smart RSS. The end goal of RSS technology is tightly wrapped around the promise that less is more. Individuals want more relevant information with less duplication. Businesses want to tap into more of the creativity, wisdom and experience of their employees, teams and partners to solve problems, spark innovation and improve decision-making, while at the same time reducing email overload and communication confusion. By intelligently analyzing information about RSS articles and how readers are interacting with the articles, the Attensa RSS network can deliver more relevant, timely information individuals on the devices they choose and businesses can take advantage of RSS technology to streamline communication with employees, partners and customers.

Every day, millions of pieces of metadata are being generated by RSS news feeds from Websites and blogs. RSS metadata can include information about an RSS news feed article such as the title, author and date of creation. It can also include information about how users are interacting with the information by tracking which specific articles are being read and which articles are being ignored or deleted.

The Attensa RSS network is based on unique, proven intellectual property in a scaleable RSS architecture that efficiently organizes, distributes and measures RSS news feed articles and their associated attention metadata. Using Attensa network attention streams that accommodate the Attention.xml standard, metadata is unobtrusively fingerprinted and triangulated through collaborative filtering to deliver the most relevant information. By sharing, aggregating and triangulating the attention streams (anonymously and in near real-time) generated by the millions of people using RSS feeds, new possibilities emerge to provide individuals with higher value content. This metadata can be used to rank the popularity of articles by measuring the audience size and appetite for news from specific bloggers and news sources. It can also be used to create privacy protected anonymous user profiles, based on permission, that can recommend content, refine blog and Website searching and enhance the experience of tracking the news that matters to millions of people.


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