Bag Borrow or Steal

Bag Borrow or Steal

They say it's lonely at the top, but at Bag Borrow or Steal we've got legions of loyal members—handbag and jewelry enthusiasts just like us—to keep us company! Nobody offers a broader selection of tip top terrific merchandise, and no one stocks their closets with more delightful fresh discoveries.

It all started years ago when our co-founders started asking some honest questions: Why should women have to endure the emotional and financial sacrifices that accompany the endless search for the "right" accessory for every event, wedding, and dinner party? Why should celebrities, fashion editors, and socialites be the only ones allowed to borrow fashion accessories? Why not give everyone access to the perfect accoutrement for every occasion?

And so Bag Borrow or Steal burst onto the scene, and there was much rejoicing. We set out to do something different, building an online borrowing experience that provides just the right something for everyone.


1930 6th Ave S
Seattle, Washington, United States 98134