Staying plugged in isn't the problem. The challenge today is navigating between headlines and news flashes. By focusing exclusively on British Columbia, BCBusiness magazine provides unparalleled behind-the-scenes coverage, chronicling the major deals and putting faces to faceless events.

Award-winning writers provide thought-provoking commentary on the major trends and issues shaping the province. And respected journalists like Denny Boyd and Bill Good unleash their wit and insight on everything from pedigree pets to the mystical allure of golf. We recognize business people are more than just job titles. They're well-rounded; so are we. From politics and health to sports and travel, if it makes money or takes money, BCBusiness relays it to readers in an informative and entertaining package.

Our annual all-star editions — B.C.'s Top 100 Companies, Entrepreneurs of the Year, and the Top 100 in Technology — are must-reads for all B.C. decision-makers. Enhancing the lineup this year will be the results of a nine-month project to uncover the Best Companies to Work for in B.C. Our coverage will explore what it takes to reach the top, and the leaders who are making it happen.

After flourishing for 30 years, BCBusiness continues to evolve with the times and keep pace with our readers' expectations. And we remain a leader in the magazine market, consistently earning kudos on both the local and national stages.


News on BCBusiness

An Inside Look at Canada Post's High-Tech New Facility
Canada Post has consolidated its Georgia Street and Richmond facilities into a new high-tech, hyper-efficient facility located near the Vancouver International Airport. The space spans 700,000... more
Why BC Should Allow Equity Crowdfunding ASAP
Equity crowdfunding allows startups and small businesses to sell securities such as shares and limited partnership units that represent ownership of the company. This is a lot different from your... more
Vancouver is One Heck of an Innovation Hub and the Presence of TED Proves It
We live in an age of sharing. Things we didn’t share at all before, such as what we ate for lunch, now plaster every virtual wall on the Internet. There isn’t anything inherently wrong... more
Vancouver a Leader in North America for Innovative Wearable Technology
In 2012, Vancouver-born Eric Migicovsky took to Kickstarter to raise money for his Pebble smart watch. By the time the campaign ended, 68,929 people had pledged a combined $10,266,845. What... more
Given the Ubiquity of Computers, Why is Coding Not Considered an Essential Skill?
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is due to retire next year after 13 years at the helm of one of the world’s most prominent technology companies. He has been a polarizing and often-mocked figure... more
US Tech Giants Landing in Canada Aren’t All They’re Cracked up to Be
In March Facebook announced plans to set up shop in Vancouver. The world’s largest social network sought up to 150 staff, mostly software-engineer graduates, to work at its new office, which... more
BCBusiness ranks the province's best companies to work for
BCBusiness released their rankings yesterday about which companies are the best to work for in the province. The rankings for “B.C.’s Best Companies, Circa 2010,” were broken... more
BC Business turns to its readers to nominate the 2011 Innovators
After last year’s spectacular failure in finding representatives for influential Vancouver social media users, BC Business is turning the nomination process for this year’s Innovators... more
Ten Free Tickets up for grabs
Each time a major crisis hits, it seems like it’s the worst, but most of us have experienced a number of downturns in the economy and lived to tell the tale. It is cyclical. That said the... more

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