Bell Canada

Bell Canada

Bell is Canada's largest communications company, providing the most comprehensive and innovative suite of communication services to residential and business customers in Canada. Operating under the Bell brand, the Company's services include Bell Home Phone local and long distance services, Bell Mobility and Solo Mobile wireless, high-speed Bell Internet, Bell TV direct-to-home satellite and VDSL television, IP-broadband services and information and communications technology (ICT)

Internet Service Providers, Hosting, Telecommunications

News on Bell Canada

Canadian Partners Awarded at EMC World 2016
At EMC World 2016 in Las Vegas, the company announced the winners of its 2015 Canada Partner Awards. Now in its second year, the awards program recognizes EMC’s most important Canadian... more
Bell, IBM Deliver New Cloud Abilities to Canadian Businesses
Bell Business Markets and IBM this week announced a partnership to expand the cloud computing services available through Bell Business Cloud. This partnership will give businesses across Canada... more
The Big Four? Following Shaw Deal, Wind Looks to Follow in Steps of Rogers, Telus, Bell
For a brief time, Canada had a fourth wireless carrier that, while flawed, was truly independent of the Big Three. Now that Shaw owns Wind, it seems that the once-scrappy defender of consumers... more
Canadians Call on Cabinet to Reject Bell’s Appeal to Gut Landmark CRTC Decision
OpenMedia is asking decision-makers to reject Bell Canada’s appeal of a landmark Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications (CRTC) ruling that set out open access rulesfor smaller... more
Which Canadian Wireless Carrier Truly Has the Best Network?
Which mobile carrier delivers Canadians the best overall performance? RootMetrics decided to find out. "Your mobile is a fundamental part of your daily life and is likely with you just about... more
Suretap, EnStream Take 'Major' Step Forward in Mobile Ticketing
­Suretap and EnStream have successfully completed a proof-of-concept that would enable transit users to pay their fares with a smartphone. Suretap, an open mobile wallet company, and... more
Bell Calling on New Government to Overturn CRTC Requirements
This week it was reported that Bell Canada is challenging a landmark CRTC decision that promised fair access to fibre Internet facilities for smaller, independent Internet service providers, and... more
Telus, Bell Take Top Spot from Rogers Among Top-Performing Wireless Carriers in Vancouver
According to latest networking testing results, Telus and Bell are on top for overall performance in the Vancouver metro area, says RootMetrics. The two carriers jumped ahead of Rogers, which won... more
Which Wireless Carriers Have the Fewest Network Problems in Canada?
Wireless customers have high expectations when it comes to calling, texting or Web browsing, and any impediments to connectivity directly impact their perceptions of network performance, according... more
Bell Faces $750 Million Class Action Lawsuit Over Controversial Customer Tracking Program
A $750 million class action lawsuit has been filed against Bell, seeking damages for alleged breaches of privacy. The privacy breaches are alleged to have been committed as part of the Bell’s... more
Privacy Commissioner Says Bell’s Customer Surveillance Program Crosses the Line
Canada’s privacy commissioner says Bell’s plan to tone-down a controversial customer-tracking program still doesn't go far enough. At issue is Bell’s plan to create detailed... more
Challenging CRTC and Net Neutrality, Bell Takes Canadians to Court Over Artificially Inflated Prices
Over the weekend, Bell Mobility filed a motion with the Federal Court of Appeal in an attempt to reverse a recent CRTC decision that found the company to be unlawfully making competing mobile video... more
CRTC Supports Net Neutrality in Landmark Decision Against Bell Mobility
A landmark decision from the CRTC today has determined that Bell Mobility unlawfully made competing mobile apps and services more expensive for Canadians by unfairly exempting their own services... more
Bell to Acquire Mobile Phone Distributor Glentel for $670 Million
BCE and GLENTEL, today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement whereby BCE will acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of GLENTEL, the Canadian-based multi-carrier... more
Canadians Still Constantly Complaining About Erroneous Wireless Billing, Report Confirms
An annual report from the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services reveals Canadians file nearly 1,000 complaints per month about telecommunications services. The Big Three -... more
Rogers Calls Bell 'Cry Baby'
Rogers Communications missed analysts’ profit estimates this quarter, reporting fewer new customers than projected. Chief Executive Officer Guy Laurence, who's held the role for less than... more
Bell Invests $5 Million in Hubub to Grow Digital Reach in Canada
Bell Media announced this week an investment in Toronto-based digital startup Hubub. Under the terms of the agreement, Bell Media has invested $5 million in cash and committed millions more to... more
Wind Mobile: Roaming Rates for Canadians are Unreasonable and That Needs to Change
Discount wireless carrier Wind Mobile is asking regulators to impact the notoriously high roaming rates Canadians have been paying for years. Wind, which is vying to be Canada's fourth national... more
CRTC Issues First Wireless Code Report Card
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has issued its first Wireless Code Implementation Report Card. The "report card" judges how Canada's telcos have done so far in... more
BCE to Take Bell Aliant Private at Cost of $4 Billion
BCE announced today that it will privatize Bell Aliant by acquiring the interest of its affiliate's public minority shareholders. The transaction "enhances Bell Aliant's ability to invest and... more
Bell Aliant to Launch FibreOP in Seven Quebec Communities
Bell Aliant is investing an estimated $70 million to bring its powerful fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network to 125,000 premises in seven Quebec communities. FibreOP delivers a future-proof... more
Canada’s Next Wireless Spectrum Auction will Favour New Players
Industry Minister James Moore announced today that the Canadian government will auction additional wireless spectrum next year to smaller carriers including Quebecor in a bid to fuel competition... more
Canada's 25 Best Brands
Interbrand has released its ranking of the best 25 brands in Canada. Its system determines "the contribution of the brand to business results." In first place was TD Canada, followed by RBC and... more
Bell Has Fastest Netflix Streaming Speeds in Canada, Rogers the Slowest
According to newly released April data on the Netflix ISP Speed Index,which ranks which internet service providers in Canada provide the best primetime Netflix streaming experience, there's a huge... more
Big Three No More? Telus Withdraws from Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association to Put 'Customers First'
Telus has withdrawn from the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association. The Vancouver-based telecommunication company's decision to pull out from the industry's main lobby group is a... more
Telus Overtakes Bell as Second Largest Telecommunications Company in Canada
Vancouver-based Telus has overtaken Montreal-based Bell as Canada's second-largest telecommunications firm in terms of wireless subscribers. Telus now boasts just over 7.8 million wireless... more
Major Canadian Telco Bell Hacked
Bell Canada was hacked this past weekend, the Financial Post reported, as the passwords for over 20,000 of their Quebec- and Ontario-based small business customers were posted online for all to... more
Montreal's Metro System to Get 4G LTE Network in Underground Subway
The Société de transport de Montréal revealed today that it has leveraged Bell, Rogers, Telus and Vidéotron to bring 3G, 4G, and LTE service to Montreal's underground... more
Canadian Government Has Ability to Track Canadians' Phone Logs, Keystrokes, and More
Canadian wireless companies are poised to once again agree to give Ottawa the ability to monitor calls and phone data of consumers. The commitment is tied to wireless companies applying to bid... more
Bell Slashes Roaming Rates by 50%
Major Canadian telecommunications company Bell announced today that it plans to lower the cost of some US roaming packages. Bell is cutting the package prices by 50%. Now its 30-day Travel... more
Canadian Entrepreneurs to Government: Bring Competition to Canada's Wireless Market
A group of three dozen Canadian entrepreneurs and innovators recently sent a letter to Industry Minister James Moore. The letter calls for "genuine choice and affordability" in what Vancouver's... more
Shares in Canada's Big Three Surge as Verizon Backs Off
Shares in Canada's big three telecom companies surged today on news that Verizon said it's no longer (and never really was) interested in entering Canada's wireless market. Stock in Rogers soared... more
Verizon Not Coming to Canada and Says Story was Way Overblown
According to a Bloomberg report, Verizon has no interest in entering into Canada’s wireless market. “Verizon is not going to Canada,” CEO Lowell McAdam said in a telephone... more
Canadian Unions Back Their Bosses Against Verizon
While it’s no surprise that the big three wireless companies are opposed to the possibility of American giant Verizon entering the Canadian market, some of the country’s largest unions... more
Verizon Might Buy Vodafone’s Shares – and of Course Bell Has Something to Say About It
Canada’s “big three” wireless incumbents have an answer for everything pertaining to Verizon Communications potential entry into Canada. Or, more accurately, they have an... more
Government Versus Telcos: Conservative Party of Canada Launches 'Consumers First' Campaign
Earlier this month, Canada's three major wireless incumbents—Rogers, Telus, and Bell—joined forces to launch a campaign called "Fair for Canada." The campaign was intended to appeal... more
Letter to the Government: It's Anti-Canadian to Let Verizon Have an Advantage Over Domestic Telcos
A 68-year-old grandmother has written a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Minister of Industry James Moore on why she finds their approach to Verizon's potential entry into Canada's... more
Canadian Government Says It Won't Change Wireless Policies, Wants Foreign Competition
The Canadian government made it clear this weekend that it's more interested in promoting competition in our nation's wireless sector than protecting Rogers, Telus, and Bell. Prime Minister... more
A Dose of Buckley Takes Down Big Three's 'Fair for Canada' Campaign in Hilarious Video
YouTube comedian A Dose of Buckley published a video over the weekend addressing Verizon's potential entry into Canada's wireless market. The video (which may be NSFW due to cursing) is... more
'Four 4 Canada' Initiative Launches to Counter 'Fair for Canada' Campaign by Rogers, Telus, Bell
Yesterday we reported on a new campaign called "Fair for Canada" that was jointly launched by our nation's three major telcos: Rogers, Telus, and Bell. The campaign is aimed at getting Canadian... more
Rogers, Telus, and Bell Team up to Launch Anti-Verizon 'Fair for Canada' Campaign
Rogers, Telus, and Bell have teamed up to lobby against US telecommunications giant Verizon acquiring Canadian startup carrier Wind Mobile. The "Big Three" incumbents want to have the... more
Verizon Communications Getting Closer to Acquiring Wind Mobile, Report Suggests
New reports suggest that Verizon Communications is inching closer to acquiring Canadian startup carrier Wind Mobile. According to sources cited in the Financial Post, Verizon plans to hold a... more
Bell Sides with Rogers: Canadian Government Not Being Fair to Big Three Telcos
Bell is the latest incumbent to make a stand against how the Canadian government is managing the country's wireless market, specifically with how it's handling the potential acquisitions of startup... more
Canadian Telcos Raising Their Wireless Prices to Spite CRTC's New Consumer-friendly Rules
Canadian consumers rejoiced in June when the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission unveiled a new wireless code that brings cellphone contract lengths down from three years to... more
Flagship Water-resistant Android Smartphone to Launch in Canada Exclusively with Bell
Sony is bringing its flagship Android smartphone to Canada. Sony is launching the water-resistant Xperia Z later this month exclusively through Bell. The device boasts a massive five-inch... more
Some Canadian Wireless Carriers Not Happy with CRTC's New Code of Conduct
Rogers, Telus, and Bell are among a group of wireless carriers in Canada that are not happy with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission's new code of conduct, which was... more
Canadian Companies Bell and Shaw Strike Partnerships with Twitter
Last week, Shaw Media broke the news that they will be joining up with Twitter to co-sell advertising. Twitter is developing their new Amplify program for clients and users who want a unified... more
Hot on Tail of CIBC and Rogers, Bell Partners with RBC to Launch Mobile Payments Solution
This week, CIBC updated its mobile payments app on Google Play to enable smartphone purchases. Hot on the tail of CIBC and Rogers, RBC and Bell today announced the upcoming availability of their... more
The End of Wireless Competition: All Three Startup Discount Carriers are Now for Sale
Canadians' dream of a fair and competitive wireless industry is rapidly fading. Just weeks after Wind Mobile was put on the block by its Dutch owners, telecommunications giant Telus is... more
Bell Doesn't Give up, Attempts to Buy Astral with Second Bid
In mid-October, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission blocked Bell's $3.4-billion acquisition of Astral Media. The national regulator cited the fact that Bell would... more
Bell Named Greenest Company in Canada
Bell has been named one of the world's greenest companies by Newsweek. The Montreal-based telecommunications firm was the only Canadian company included in the newsweekly's list, which was compiled... more
Rogers May Try to Snag Astral Assets
A week ago, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission killed Bell's $3.4 billion acquisition of Astral Media. The CRTC argued that the combined companies would be impossible... more
CRTC Blocks Bell's $3.4 Billion Acquisition of Astral Media
Earlier this year Bell acquired Astral Media for a whopping $3.4 billion. But the deal was too big to happen easily—the merger acquired a deep investigation from the Canadian Radio-television... more
Telus Says Goodbye to Activation Fees
Telus today announced it will no longer charge a $35 activation fee for new customers or a $25 equipment exchange fee for renewing customers who purchase a new device. Telus is the first of the... more
The Biggest Losers in the NHL Lockout? Not Who You Might Expect
The NHL lockout sucks for the players. It sucks for the fans. It sucks for the bars that rely on game nights to support their business. But it could actually be notoriously oligopolistic telecom... more
Competition Bureau Sues Rogers, Bell, and Telus for $30 Million
The Competition Bureau is seeking customer refunds and $31 million in penalties from Rogers, Telus, and Bell for misleading customers. Following a five-month investigation, the Bureau has... more
Shaw Strongly Supports Controversial Bell-Astral Merger, Quebecor Firmly Opposes
There have already been dramatic politics regarding the impending October decision on the $3.4 billion dollar Bell-Astral merger as 50,000 Canadians have said no to Bell in an online petition. Now... more
Canadian Telcos Threaten to Either Double Cost of Payphones or Destroy Them
Bell Canada and Bell Aliant want to increase the cost of using a payphone by a startling 100%. And if they're not allowed to, the two telecommunications companies say they'll dismantle up to 25% of... more
Learn About the Power of Cloud at iTech
95% of North Americans who claim they never use cloud computing actually do. The fact is that the average person still has absolutely no idea what the heck the cloud is. Not so for IT... more
As CRTC Hearing Nears, Canadians Rally Against Monopolistic Media Merger
As we ready for this imminent CRTC hearings on the $3.4 billion dollar Bell-Astral merger, the question is—does this merger bother you, or do you not think it is an issue? 50,000 Canadians... more
Bell Media and Cirque de Soleil Launch Unnamed Company to Develop Original Television Content
Bell is joining forces with Quebec's Cirque de Soleil to launch a new company. Currently unnamed, the company will develop original content based on the troupe's world-class acrobatic theatrics.... more
Score Media Shares Skyrocket on Rogers Acquisition Speculation
Shares of Score Media soared nearly 50% in trading today following reports that Rogers Communications is in talks to acquire the specialty television sports broadcaster, according to an anonymous... more
Canadians Hate the Bell-Astral Merger, but Does it Really Matter That Much in Today's World?
The Canadian mass media war of 2012 continues as 20,000 Canadians have now made their voice heard against the multi-billion dollar merger at  But considering that video... more
Extreme Internet Throttling Continues in Canada, Report Finds
It appears that, despite best efforts to eliminate internet throttling once and for all in Canada, the controversial practice continues. According to tests run at Measurement Lab, certain Canadian... more
Rogers and Bell Lost Tens of Millions of Dollars Broadcasting the London 2012 Olympics
The Olympic Games are always big business. But they aren't always good business. Canada's Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium—which in simple terms is Rogers and Bell—has projected... more
Public Mobile Confirms Participation in Spectrum Auction
Startup discount wireless carrier Public Mobile today confirmed that it is indeed participating in the federal government's upcoming spectrum auction. The company had previously suggested it would... more
Petition Rallies Against $3.4 Billion Bell-Astral Merger. What Will the CRTC Do?
Nearly six months have passed since March, when the Bell-Astral merger was initially announced. Since then opposition media companies have formed a coalition against the mega media merger ahead of... more
Eastlink Prepping New Wireless Network, Modernizes Retail Locations
Eastlink, one of the largest internet service providers in Atlantic Canada and the largest privately held cable provider in the country, has completely redesigned its stores, refreshing its brand... more
Bell Suggests YouTube Not a Threat to Television; Rogers Says It's Direct Competition
The leaders of Canada's largest telecommunications companies apparently possess stark differences in their views of online, user-generated content and how it affects their traditional television... more
Bell Acquires Q9 Networks for $1.1 Billion
BCE, known by many as Bell Canada, has partnered with private equity fund managers to buy Q9 Networks. Bell, Canada's largest telecom company, will purchase the Toronto-based data centre company... more
Bell's Solo Mobile Not Taking Any More Customers
Solo Mobile, a subsidiary of Bell in Canada, has decided to stop accepting new customers. "At Solo Mobile, we’ve loved giving wireless service to Canadians since 2005—and we’re... more
Bell Sued for $100 Million Over Illegal Wireless Service Practices
Bell Mobility and its parent company, BCE, were served this morning with a $100 million lawsuit. The massive suit alleges that the expiry dates on Bell's pre-paid wireless services are... more
Bell Feels the Pinch from Discount Carriers as Wireless Activations Decrease
Bell managed a 14% increase in net earnings and a 23% growth in free cash clow in the first quarter of 2012. But not everything is quite so rosy. Will revenue managed to grow nearly 12%, investors... more
Nova Scotia Wants to Allow Consumers to Cancel Wireless Cellphone Contracts Anytime for Only $50
Imagine being able to end your three-year smartphone contract early without fuss or hassle—and only pay up to a modest $50 in cancellation fees. Nova Scotia is hoping to make this pipe dream... more
Mobile Service in Canada: Overpriced and Anti-Competitive [Study]
In a recent report  called Long Term Evolutionary Challenge: Limiting Wireless Carrier Gluttony, Seabord Group argues that Canada must stimulate competition in the mobile services... more
RIM Launching a BlackBerry PlayBook 3G and 4G with Rogers, Telus, and Bell?
News surfaced today that may help boost the anemic sales of RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM is allegedly very close to launching a version of the tablet compatible with carrier data plans. In fact,... more
Telus Leads an Army of Television Providers to Wage War Against Bell
Telus isn't too pleased with Bell's recent $3-billion acquisition of Astral Media, among other issues. And neither are a smattering of smaller cable companies across Canada. Telus is leading an... more
BCE Acquisition of Astral Media Faces Financial Hurdle, May Pay $300 Million in Extra Fees
BCE is facing a financial hurdle with regards to its recent $3.38 billion acquisition of Astral Media. The telco faces paying hundreds of millions of dollars in unanticipated regulatory fees.... more
A First in Canada: Bell is Building Cellphone Towers Disguised as Trees
Bell is planning to build seven new cellphone towers in in Muskoka Lakes, Ontario. But these towers are playing dress-up: they will be disguised at trees. The Bell Canada towers, which will rise... more
Bell Finally Relents After Social Media Firestorm, Apologizes to Consumer
Initially, when Bell was caught selling a used iPhone as new, the company refused to apologize or send victim Vanessa Chu a truly new device. But after the determined Vancouverite sparked a social... more
Bell Caught Selling a Illegitimate, Unlocked iPhone as New – And Refuses to Rectify the Situation
If you've purchased a new smartphone from Bell, it may not be as new as you think. In a shocking discovery, Vancouver WordPress developer Vanessa Chu realized that a "new" iPhone she purchased... more
Out of the Blue, Government Axes $40 Million Deal to Name BC Place 'Telus Park'
BC was poised to get a whopping $40 million for a 20-year deal that would see BC Place renamed to "Telus Park." The generous windfall was set to ease the financial burden of the $563 stadium... more
Low-ball CBC-BCE Bid Could Give Olympic Broadcasting Rights To Yahoo
According to a report in the Globe and Mail yesterday, Yahoo is considering entering the bidding for the Canadian rights to the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi and the 2016 Summer Games in Rio De... more
Bell Gives Mobile TV Platform a Much-Needed Boost
Right on time to scoop up some frustrated former free-streamers after the shutting down of sites like Megaupload, Bell has teamed up with QuickPlay to roll out a brand new Mobile TV platform. The... more
13 Samsung Smartphones offered by the Big Three Carriers
What kind of smartphone - or "superphone" you have as Bell is calling some of these feature-laden mobile devices these days - is a hot topic of discussion at a social event. The person struggling... more
Prime Minister Harper secures Pandas while Telus and Bell sign LTE agreement with Huawei Technologies
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Chinese leadership announced today that Canada and China are finalizing details on an agreement that would see the Chinese loan two giant pandas to zoos in... more
Olympic Speedskater Clara Hughes Headlines Bell Let's Talk Day for Mental Illness
Bell is donating five cents for every retweet, text message and long distance call placed on their network today as part of a five-year $50 million campaign to change Canadians' attitudes towards... more
Rogers and Bell vying for a bite of Apple’s iTV
According to the Globe and Mail, Rogers and Bell are in talks with Apple to become Canadian launch partners for its much-hyped Apple iTV. While the iTV product remains cloaked in secrecy sources... more
The Super Bowl and the Battle for the Second Screen
Bell Canada has been fighting with the CRTC over deals the company has made to broadcast NHL hockey and NFL football games exclusively to its own wireless subscribers. The CRTC ruled in December... more
Samsung Galaxy Note Arrives at Rogers, Telus, and Bell on February 14 for $249
Rogers, Telus, and Bell have all separately announced that they will be selling Samsung's Galaxy Note device next month. Best Buy has made the date official for all three via a pre-order landing... more
Bell Brings NHL All-Star Game, Stanley Cup Playoffs, Super Bowl, and NCCA March Madness to Mobile
Sports fan who's always on the move? Then Bell's lockdown on sports-related mobile content is becoming hard to ignore. The Canadian telco announced that it has exclusive live mobile access to... more
Mobilicity Will Struggle to Grow Without New Spectrum
As the government gets ever close to revealing its official rules for the next wireless spectrum auction, Mobilicity has come forth to once again emphasize the importance of reserving some spectrum... more
Top 10 Most Used Android Apps in Canada
While Knowlton Thomas named the iPhone and iPad apps of the year in an article last month, I thought we'd take a look at Android apps which seem to cater to a different non-obsessed Apple consumer... more
Bell Just Axed Hundreds of Employees
Bell Mobility has axed hundreds of positions in one of its Ontario call centres - as many as 500, according to reports from the Star and Canadian Business. One "absolutely appalled" employee was... more
Canada's Big Three Telcos Trying to Trick Government into Ruining the Wireless Industry, Report Says
Ottawa is very close to releasing very salient information on whether or not there will be wireless spectrum reserved for startup discount wireless carriers in the next government auction.... more
Controversial Service Launches in Canada, Lets You See Blocked Numbers
TelTech Systems has been operating TrapCall in America for three years. Now the controversial service is available in Canada for Rogers, Fido, Telus, and Bell customers. TrapCall is a mobile app... more
The CEOs of Rogers, Telus, and Bell Earned a Combined $23 Million in 2011
Ever wonder where the money you spend on your outrageously high smartphone bill goes? Right into the pockets of three lucky men. A new report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives... more
Bell is Buying Back 6.5 Million Shares
BCE has stated it plans to buy back and cancel up to 2.1 million common shares through private deals with an arm's-length, third-party seller. It is a part of Bell's strategy to repurchase over 6... more
Bell: We Will No Longer Throttle Consumers' Internet
Bell has officially stated that it will no longer throttle the internet speeds of its users. The Canadian telco said that increased network capacity, combined with the new usage-based billing... more
And the WINNER of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Bell is…
One of the prizes in our 12 Days of Xmas giveaway is a Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Bell. The winner of this Android smartphone is… Martin Lowe! Congratulations. Look out for an email from... more
Bell Challenges CRTC Ruling
Yesterday the CRTC ruled in favour of a complaint issued by Telus, determining that Bell has been illegally withholding select television content from other carriers to gain a competitive... more
Regulators: Bell is Cheating
The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission has found BCE Inc., AKA Bell Canada, in breach of rules. It's been revealed that the major Canadian telco has been giving access to... more
Bell and Rogers to partner to buy Leafs and Raptors
Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) is on the verge of being sold to Bell Media and Rogers Communications. Major news outlets are reporting this evening that the Ontario Teachers’... more
Samsung Galaxy Nexus available for pre-ordering, launching in Bell stores early December
The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is going to be widely available across Canada from the big three carriers, Rogers, Telus, and Bell. The phone will include the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating... more
Telco Profits Are Skyrocketing Because of Mobile Data. Do They Charge Us Too Much?
Telus experienced a profit growth last quarter of 30% thanks to wireless data revenue increasing 53%. This comes on the heels of Bell's profit jumping a remarkable 41% and Rogers' shooting up... more
Telecom complaints rise for 4th straight year; more involve wireless than ever before
Canada's Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services has reported an increase in telecom consumer complaints for the fourth straight year.  "Our Annual Report, 'Restoring... more
Bell's Q3: Revenue and subscribers are up but feeling the pinch from 'aggressive competitors'
Bell as recorded their third-quarter results for this year. Total wireless subscribers are up 3.4% to just under 7.4 million, but momentum has slowed, with net additions dropping 38%... more
Bell backs off throttling practices as open internet battle heats up
According to a recent email obtained by, Bell has decided to start pulling back the restrictions it has been imposing on online services for the last several years: “Effective... more
Bell partners with Novatel to launch slimmest and most compact 4G LTE USB Modem
While Techvibes reported that Bell Mobility launched their 4G LTE network in Ontario September 14th, the company has also teamed up with Novatel to launch the Canadian market's slimmest and most... more
Four tech companies make list of Canada's 15 most valuable brands
Brand Finance recently released new analysis of the world's top brands, including Canada's. Of Canada's 15 most valuable brands,  4 of them are technology companies. No surprises here, and... more
Bell and Virgin both revise their data flex plans for tablets
A week ago Telus added a flex data plan for its tablets. Virgin was the first to have one, back in December 2010. Bell added a flex plan in May 2011. Now both Virgin and Bell have revised their... more
Bell's Q2 earnings: Profit slipped, net earnings fell, but wireless performed well
BCE Inc. reported its second-quarter earnings today, in line with analyst expectations and without any nasty surprises. Profit dipped slightly (2.5 percent) and net earnings dropped by $15 million... more
Bell Aliant sees increase in profit, decrease in revenue in second quarter of 2011
Atlantic Canada's Bell Aliant has hared its second quarter financial results, in which it managed to earn higher profit despite a modest drop in revenues. The Halifax-based telco raked in a net... more
Canada's wireless startups snag a quarter of all new subscribers but still have a long way to go: Report
Startup wireless carriers like Wind and Mobilicity and capturing one in four new subscribers, according to a report by the CRTC, but they still have a long way to go. Public Mobile, Videtron,... more
Telus vs Shaw vs Rogers vs Bell: The Techvibes Guide to Choosing Your Home Internet Provider [Infographic]
  CLICK HERE TO READ OUR FULLY UPDATED 2012 EDITION!   Telus versus Shaw versus Rogers versus Bell: Who Should You Choose for Home Internet? Choice is a good thing. But when choices... more
Bad, bad Bell: Canadian telco hammered with $10 million fine for lying to consumers
The Competition Bureau has officially kicked Bell's ass. Forcing Canadian telecom titan Bell to dish out $10 million for "tricking" consumers, the Competition Bureau has made a bold statement with... more
Bell vs. Rogers: which should you choose for home Internet?
Welcome to the battle of the Internet Service Providers! In the blue corner we have Bell Canada. Weighing in at 50,000 employees and based in Montreal. In the red corner we have Rogers. Weighing in... more
Watch the Canucks play the Bruins on your smartphone or tablet - but only with Bell, and for a price
In a rare, distinct advantage for one of the Big Three Canadian telcos, Bell has an exclusive offering that is apt to appeal to the overwhelming majority of British Columbians and many others... more
United Kingdom wisely bans three-year telecom contracts. Will Canada follow suit?
As the U.S. has already done, the U.K. has banned telecom companies from issuing three-year contracts to clients, capping the length at 24 months. The move, made by U.K.'s independent... more
Research in Motion is feeling the love from Canadians - and so are Rogers, Telus, and Bell
Major magazine Canadian Business recently published its annual list of Companies We Love, the 50 Canadian brands that Canadians feel positively toward. In spite of increased competition from Apple... more
Would you like free wi-fi with that? McDonald's to offer across Canada
Today, more than 1,000 McDonald’s Restaurants across Canada will flick the switch on free and unlimited Wi-Fi thanks to Bell. By month’s end, more than 90 per cent of the... more
Mobility versus the Big Three: Who has better network quality in Calgary?
In Calgary, wireless startup Mobilicity recently launched the Network Challenge, which pitted Mobilicity's network quality against the Big Three—Rogers, Telus, and Bell—in what was... more
Bell jacks up the cost of text messaging to absolutely ludicrous numbers
Now, I do understand that very few people pay by the text anymore. Even pay-as-you-goers typically have an unlimited texting bundle. But as a matter of principle, Bell's decision to jack up the... more
Bell's stock rises on news of positive first quarter, dividend boost, and LTE announcement
Bell's stock has surged three percent following a news release by BCE outlining its first quarter financials. Notably, it's boosting its dividend after reporting growth in earnings per share and... more
Which Canadian wireless carrier is best? JD Power knows. Hint: It's none of the Big Three
JD Power and Associated unveiled its 2011 Canadian Wireless Customer Satisfaction report today.  In it are some obvious facts: first, average monthly wireless charges increased from 2009.... more
Rogers will have a 4G network effective tomorrow - but it looks an awful lot like their 3G network
Effective tomorrow, Rogers will officially have a "4G" network. Except, according to a Rogers document, "the Rogers network is not changing. Only the terminology is changing." It won't be until... more
Big Three still responsible for 95% of Canadian wireless subscribers
Digital Home reported yesterday that the number of wireless telephone subscribers in Canada increased by 7.4% during 2010.  According to the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association... more
Report suggests wireless entrants to claim 16% marketshare by 2016, but neglects one thing
The Convergence Consulting Group has released a new study. Titled “The Battle for the North American (Canada/US) Couch Potato: Bundling, TV, Internet, Telephone, Wireless,” the study... more
Bell enhances its Mobile TV service with expanded range of live and on-demand content
Bell today announced it has enhanced its Mobile TV service, featuring live and on-demand access to expanded content from CTV, TSN, RDS and other brands in Canadian news, sports, and entertainment... more
Mobilicity takes direct shot at Big Three with April Fools introduction of Data Access Fee
Nothing better than a tiny company willing to poke holes into the feet of the giants trying to stomp on them. In this instance, wireless startup Mobilicty issued an April Fools press release... more
Public Mobile expects other startups to fail and wants to acquire them. Good luck
Public Mobile CEO Alek Krstajic has come out and said - without naming names, of course - that it expects one or two of the wireless startups to run out of money by the end of the year. And that... more
Bell suggests 'Aggregated Volume Pricing' as alternative to usage-based billing
With telecom price gouging a potential election issue, Bell has scrambled to find a happy medium between the consumer-crushing usage-based billing system and our current unlimited internet plans,... more
With election looming and consumer pressure mounting, Bell shifts stance on usage-based billing
Bell was fervently in favour of usage-based billing when the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission announced it several months ago. But times have changed. After half a... more
Wind Mobile agrees: consolidation in Canada's telecom industry is necessary
Let's talk subscribers. Telus: 7 million. Bell: 7.3 million. Rogers: 9 million, Wind, Public Mobile, and Mobilicty combined? Less than half a million, or under two percent the amount the Big... more
Will America's AT&T and T-Mobile merger trigger aftershocks in the Canadian telecom industry?
When AT&T announced on the weekend it would buy T-Mobile in full for $39 billion, few saw this coming. But while both companies serve the U.S., this unexpected earthquake in America's telecom... more
Bell a repeat offender as it earns title of 'Canada's worst cellphone bill' second year in a row
CBC Marketplace aired its second annual “Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill" episode, where they asked Canadians for feedback on who has the worst bill in the country.  The episode,... more
Bell, Rogers, and Telus all waive their 'activation fee' (for a little while, anyway)
First it was Bell. Then Telus. Finally Rogers. Within just a couple of days of each other, all three major Canadian telcos have axed their $35 "activation fees"—Bell until March 16, and the... more
CRTC fails consumers once again by allowing Bell to purchase CTV
First Shaw purchased Global; yesterday, Bell purchased CTV. After obtaining permission from the CRTC, Bell purchased Canada’s largest media empire for $1.3 billion on Monday. As a condition... more
Giga-gouging: Bell and Shaw want to charge you more for your Internet
Canada's major internet service providers want to charge you more for your internet usage. Despite Stephen Harper's government coming down on the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications... more
Bell announces Q4 2010 financial statement; some good news, some bad news
Bell Canada, or BCE Inc., today reported its financial statements for the fourth quarter of 2010. While the company touts "strong financial performance," it didn't impress who investors as BCE's... more
Bell takes down data usage calculator after 'overstating' customers' bandwidth usage
Bell Canada has taken down its online software that allows customers to calculate how much data they will consume based on their internet usage. The bandwidth usage calculator has disappeared in... more
The Next Chapter: CRTC announces how it will review its usage-based billing decision
(To check out the whole CRTC saga, click here.) The CRTC has detailed precisely how it will review its decision on allowing UBB for ISPs. This follows a dramatic finish to a public... more
Get the Super Bowl through streaming video on your Bell smartphone
If you can’t get to the TV for Super Bowl XLV, Bell’s got you covered. The telecom giant is the first in Canada to offer live mobile coverage of the Super Bowl, through their Mobile TV... more
'Stop the Meter' petition explodes past 200k signatures, Canadian governments each take a stance
228,614. That is the rapidly growing number of people are who adamantly opposed the CRTC's decision to implement usage-based billing this March. The number reflects the signatures of a petition... more
Consumer backlash surges; Vancouver's OpenMedia says 'broadband is about to cost much more for Canadians'
Few were happy when the CRTC announced a decision that may spell disaster for smaller internet providers and further oligopolist powers for the major providers—"This has to be the most... more
CBC is looking for 'Canada's Worst Cellphone Bill' again, but includes one strange and major flaw
In March of last year, CBC ran an interesting piece titled "Canada's Worst Cellphone Bill," which through over 1,000 submissions saw outrageous bill amounts as high as an eye-popping $6,000.... more
How usage based billing will affect you
A couple of weeks ago the CRTC made a valiant proclamation: “From hereon in, the company known as Bell may (by royal decree) charge people more money when they use more bandwidth.”... more
The real reason that Canada's new wireless mobile carriers are underperforming – it's not the Big Three
When the federal government hosted an auction to sell for a slice of the "advanced wireless spectrum," or AWS, Canadians were thrilled with the notion that multiple new companies were break into... more
Bell/CTV acquisition raises media consolidation concerns in light of tech advances
Earlier this week, BCE, the parent company of Bell Canada, agreed to an acquisition deal that would give it complete control of media company CTV Globemedia in a transaction worth approximately... more
This will test staff loyalty: Bell Canada employees win $50,000,000 lottery
What a way to start the new year. A group of 19 Bell Canada employees in an east-end Toronto call centre won a $50-million lottery prize. The Lotto Max lottery, drawn on New Year's Eve, is the... more
Internet service providers not happy with CRTC's competition-killing decision
Various internet service providers (ISPs) have joined forces in an effort to combat regulatory changes implemented by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) that the... more
Is the CRTC being too harsh on Bell?
This article was written by Kole McRae and originally published on Geek Juice. News broke recently that Bell Canada had been charged $1.3 million in fines by the CRTC. This fine was charged due to... more
Bell agrees to pay record $1.3 million for violating national do-not-call list
Bell Canada has agreed to pay a staggering $1,300,000 for violating the national do-not-call list, the Canadian Radiotelevision and Telecommunications Commission announced Monday. The fee is a... more
Canadian wireless startups gaining ground; capturing one-third of all new subscribers
Recent figures and analyst calculations have revealed that Canadian wireless startups Wind Mobile, Public Mobile, and Moblicity are wrangling one-third of all new cellphone subscribers. This... more
GenieKnows to provide local search results to Bell Aliant customers
Halifax company will be providing local, relevant search capabilities to Bell Aliant customers, after Bell and GenieKnows came to an agreement today to feature GenieKnows searches on... more
Bell tries to pull a fast one on customers, CRTC
When the CRTC ordered Bell, Telus and MTS to refund money to urban customers who were overcharged for phone service, they probably thought it would be seen as a punishment. Bell, on the other... more
Bell launches Galaxy Tab service, a platform for mobile TV
Bell has joined Rogers in providing their customers with the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet computer today, the company announced. Perhaps the most notable point about Bell’s launch of the Tab is... more
Windows Phone 7 phones released in Canada today
Handsets powered by the new Windows Phone 7 software went on sale across Canada today as Microsoft tries to win market share in the mobile phone space. In Canada, the Big Three big launched a... more
Bell's profit suffers at the hands of stiffening competition - but not as much as Rogers'
Competition is fierce in Canada's wireless realm, and it shows on Bell's financial statements. BCE Inc. saw a profit drop of more than five percent in its third quarter financial report. President... more
Explore how mobility can enhance your company at the Bell Mobility Business Solutions Expo
Bell Mobility invites you to see how their products and services can help your business become more efficient at the Bell Mobility Business Solutions Expo on November 9th at the Vancouver... more
Are rural Canadians entitled to broadband access?
The CRTC is holding a hearing in Timmins, Ontario this week to hear from rural Canadians about the state of their Internet access, and to evaluate if government intervention is necessary to give... more
From Google and Apple to Rogers and Bell... Which streaming video service is right for you?
2010 has seen online video streaming become considerably more mainstream in Canada than most expected a year or two past. With Netflix freshly launched here, in addition to Bell's new service, plus... more
Windows 7 phones coming to Canada
Today, Microsoft finally revealed their new Windows Phone 7 handset.  We have a beautiful lineup in this first wave of Windows Phone 7 handsets.  Microsoft and its partners are... more
Bell buys Montreal data host Hypertec
The Globe and Mail is reporting that Bell Canada has acquired Montreal's Hypertec Availability Service's data hosting division, a move that expands its hosting services for government and... more
As e-bills become ubiquitous, I ask: How can consumers tolerate now being charged for paper bills?
As of last week, Telus (and the subsidiary Telus) officially charges $2 per month if a consumer wishes to receive paper bills. You know, the kind mailed to you the old fashioned way. They're not... more
When the Wind blows West: Will Wind Mobile take down Canada’s telecom titans?
Originally published in the Other Press. From titans maintaining an oligopoly to unproven newcomers, the Canadian wireless provider industry in wrought with distrust and uncertainty. But... more
Public Mobile credits Rogers for boosting its business
When Rogers introduced its discount brand Chatr in late July, many thought it would only be a matter of time before the new wireless players would be chased out of the oligopolistic wireless... more
Bell officially launches Fibe TV in Toronto and Montréal, plots future domination of television
Yesterday, BCE Inc. officially launched Fibe, its new Internet Protocol TV service, at the company's Toronto International Film Festival headquarters. It's been a long-developed project, and... more
BCE acquires remaining 85% stake of CTV for $1.3 billion
BCE (Bell) announced this morning that it has agreed to acquire 100% of CTV, the Canadian leader in specialty television, digital media, conventional TV and broadcasting.  Bell currently owns... more
Wind Mobile investor calls Rogers, Telus, and Bell 'a joke,' says Canadian wireless provider climate is awful
Naguib Sawiris is a billionaire scion of possibly the most prominent business family in all of Egypt, and a serious contender globally, especially in telecom. And he's adding to his family's legacy... more
CRTC tells Canada's largest telecommunication providers to share fibre-optic networks
The CRTC ruled yesterday that Canada's largest telecommunication providers must open up their fibre-optic networks to wholesale retailers and provide them with the same service options that they... more
Survey suggests the end of flat-rate fees for telecom services, but bias is in the air
The Globe and Mail published an article on Monday, revealing the results of a recent survey. The survey polled nearly 400 international mobile executives and—wait, what's that? Yes, I said... more
A challenge to all smartphone retailers and wireless plan carriers: Will any of you actually read this?
Hello. My name is Knowlton Thomas and there is a flip phone latched onto my belt. If you've read the Techvibes blog within the past four months, chances are you've read some of my stuff. I have... more
Surprise, surprise: Complaints arise over complexity, cost of Canada's telecom giants Rogers, Bell, and Telus
(As if we didn't know already.) Canada's Big Three, the telecom oligopoly consisting of Rogers, Bell, and Telus, have been accused in a report of having cellphone contracts that are too long, too... more
Telus refuses to lower prices despite challenging competition on the horizon
Rogers has created Chatr, and Bell has stated its Solo Mobile subsidary will be shifting down market. Chatr and Solo will be locking their crosshairs onto targets Wind Mobile, and Moblicity,... more
News in Short: The top five wireless trends, study shows less than 1% of torrents are legal
Globe on Technology offers "low-down" on future of Canada's telecom industry The Globe and Mail's Globe on Technology, run by expert tech bloggers, suggests their top five trends for Canada's... more
Canada's wireless leaders form excessively lucrative oligopoly, reap world-high profits
It's only been just recently that Canada has seen new wireless startups enter the market in a bid to stir the pot of healthy competition. And our country be damned if we don't need it—the... more
iPhone 4 coming to Canada on July 30th
Not much of a surprise here, but Apple has now finally revised its previous "by the end of July" iPhone 4 launch timeframe for some of the remaining international countries. That list includes... more
iPad in Canada: Which data plan is best? Rogers vs Telus vs Bell
If you haven't already bought an iPad, you're probably thinking about it. But which data plan best suits your needs? TELUS, Rogers, and Bell all offer data plans for the Apple iPad, ranging from... more
Shaw and Vidéotron the latest Canadians to offer online TV
I know you just spent several thousand dollars on that big screen plasma - but you don't really need it anymore. In the latest tidal wave of television pouring into the... more
Is Rogers internet service truly the fastest and most reliable?
Bell Canada is taking Rogers Communications to court over the latter's claims that is has the fastest and most reliable internet service in Ontario (Rogers has already been banned from claiming... more
Bell, Rogers, and Telus pilot oneAPI in Canada
Wireless Industry Partnership Connector Inc. (WIP) is working with the GSMA on a global initiative called OneAPI. It's all about network APIs and making it easier for application developers to... more
Canada gets iPad release date and prices
If you haven't already cross-boarder shopped yourself one of Apple's new iPads, you might be interested to know that the company has finally announced the first round of countries getting... more
iPhone Forum in Toronto - Toronto iP3 Forum (iPhone/iPad/iPod)
Building on the success of the Vancouver iPhone Forum late last year, Interactive Ontario, in partnership with Bell, will deliver the Toronto iP3 Forum, a one day premier iPhone, iPad, iPod... more
Canada's wireless industry starts to look competitive
Disclaimer: I am currently employed by a Rogers Wireless dealer in a retail sales position. With Wind Mobile conducting hiring sessions in Vancouver this week in advance of their expansion into... more
The Truth: What Canadians pay for wireless service with Rogers, Bell and Telus
Who really provides the best deal in Canada?  When it comes to wireless the debate, in public at least, has been going on for years.  Rogers recently called themselves the MOST reliable... more
Canadian iPhone Apps of the Week - OLYMPIC EDITION
At Techvibes we receive press releases from developers, companies and associations announcing that they have launched a new iPhone App on a daily basis. While some apps are completely commercial in... more
In Motion Technology and SnowBus to provide passenger Internet during 2010 Games
Vancouver-based In Motion Technology announced yesterday that it will provide free wireless Internet access to passengers traveling on the SnowBus shuttle between Vancouver and... more
Bell Canada launches CowBell App for Games
As a Premier National Partner and exclusive Telecommunications Partner to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, Bell has been busy developing new products and services geared to getting Canadians... more
Bell Canada offers customers the Cloud
TechCrunch's MG Siegler let the cat out of the bag yesterday when he reported that Nomadesk had struck a deal with Bell Canada that will see the telco offer its SOHO and SMB customers easy access... more
Globalive Wireless gets government support
  Industry Minister Tony Clement has announced today that his government will allow Globalive Wireless Management Corp. to offer cellphone service in Canada. "We have concluded through... more
Legal battle over websites and MLS data
If you've been hiding underneath a rock then you didn't know that Canada has been experiencing a real estate boom since 2000.  As a result, many real estate companies and services have popped... more
Big Three Telcos thwart innovation AND cut jobs
According to Statistics Canada, the Canadian economy gained a surprising 79,000 jobs in November, with the unemployment rate easing 0.1 percentage points to 8.5%. The story hasn't been quite as... more
The Globalive Saga - Why Can't There Be A Fourth National Wireless Provider In Canada
Things are getting hot in the Canadian wireless industry with the continuing Globalive saga. Globalive, a Toronto-based company, has been eager to launch a national wireless service called Wind... more
iPhone coming to Telus and Bell before Christmas
October 6, 2009 Update: Telus and Bell make it official with Apple and the iPhone Bell Canada and Telus Corp. confirmed today that they COULD begin selling the Apple iPhone next month, breaking... more
MobileMonday Toronto hosts Global Mobile Leadership Summit
On October 5th, MobileMonday Toronto will host a Global Mobile Leadership Summit with a panel of veteran business leaders who will share their knowledge, thoughts and experiences on opportunities... more
De-regulation rattles junior Internet service providers
Every week Techvibes will be republishing an article from Business in Vancouver newspaper. This article was originally published in issue #1039 - September 22-28, 2009. Four B.C. companies have... more
Craig Wireless to offer WiMax in Vancouver
The battle over Vancouver's next generation wireless internet market is heating up. Just over a year after Rogers and Bell teamed up to establish a the first WiMax network in Vancouver, Craig... more
York University Gets Court Order Against Google, Bell and Rogers To Get Identities Of Folks It Doesn't Like
National Post reported recently that York University has won a court order against Google, Bell and Rogers to reveal the identities of the users behind a GMail account (Google's e-mail service)... more
Coalition for Competitive Broadband prepares to go to war
With new telecom companies poised to hit next year, you’d think Canada’s long history of monopolistic telecoms would be at an end. But a recent CRTC decision that lifted restrictions on... more
Bell and Microsoft decide to split
Earlier this month Dave Forde of Profectio hinted that Bell Canada and Microsoft were quietly working in the background trying to dissolve their Sympatico MSN partnership. Today Bell announced the... more
CRTC approves usage based billing to wholesale customers for Bell
The Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission has approved Bell's request to perform usage-based billing to wholesale customers through their Gateway Access Services on an interim... more
Mobile phone calls most expensive in in Canada, Spain, and the US, says OECD report
Yesterday the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) released their 2009 OECD Communications Outlook and declared that Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden have the lowest... more
Share prices rise thanks to Telus/Bell merger speculation
Shares of Telus and BCE Inc. rose this morning after RBC Dominion Securities' Jonathan Allen published a report speculating that the two biggest telecom players in Canada would merge within two... more
Big Three wireless providers unveil Zoompass
As promised earlier this year, Bell, Rogers and Telus have all come together to create ZoomPass, a system where users can make mobile payments visa their phone. An iPhone app has just been... more
iPhone coming to Telus and Bell early next year?
October 6, 2009 Update: iPhone coming to Telus and Bell before Christmas File this under the “heavily rumoured” column. Apparently two sales clerks at a Telus store in downtown... more
Intelligent Mechatronic Systems’ iLane Smartphone Companion Coming To Bell
Waterloo based Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. has announced a new partnership with Bell Mobility for the distribution of their iLane product. The iLane can control smartphones with simple... more
Bell defends traffic shaping to the CRTC
Bell Canada defended their Internet connection throttling practice to Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission at the final net neutrality hearing today, claiming the practice is... more
Public Mobile looks to Wal-Mart for distribution
Yesterday the Financial Post covered Public Mobile's plans to sell their phones with unlimited call plans through Wal-Mart Stores. According to CEO Alek Krstajic, the Toronto-based startup plans to... more
Net neutrality: Is competition the answer?
Yesterday, I summed up the net neutrality hearings currently be held by the Canadian Radio Telecommunication Commission so far. But as the hearings continue, there's one theme that has been really... more
Who's running Bell's Google AdWords campaign?
At Techvibes we keep a pretty close eye on our stats and are well aware of which blog posts and site pages are most popular thanks to the magic of Google Analytics. One five-year old Forum post... more
The great Canadian net neutrality debate
For the past three days (and continuing into next week) the Canadian Radio-Telecommunications Commission has been holding hearing on net neutrality in Canada. Net neutrality is the principle that... more
Bell, Rogers, and Telus unveil Zoompass
Canada's three big telcos have gotten together to create a new mobile payment service for person-to-person cash transactions. The new service labeled Zoompass will be operated by Toronto-based... more
Site Celebrating Canadian DNA Out of Beta
Canada CODE, the digital online project to celebrate the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics as part of the Cultural Olympiad launched (according to the official release) just a few days ago, on May... more
Canada CODE Beta is Launched
I posted a story earlier this month about this exciting new site called Canada CODE, the digital media project for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics "Cultural Olympiad," and well, it launched... more
Bell Announces Upgrade to 3G GSM, Path to 4G
We first reported on rumors to this effect back in July, and today, in a buzzword laden press release barely discernible to commoners, Bell announced they will be upgrading their network with HSPA... more

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