The Internet and computing technology has become a source of fun, information, and communication. However, many seniors and their families are missing out or only experiencing a portion of the potential to connect and collaborate across generations. The difficulties that arise with technology geared towards younger generations leave numerous frustrated seniors feeling progressively isolated from their family, friends and communities.

The founders and the entire team at BigScreenLive have witnessed first-hand how seniors are being left behind by today’s technology. Recognizing a tremendous opportunity to provide a socially valuable product the team started BigScreenLive. In the course of the last months, the team has developed the product based on direct customer input and piloted the software with residents of a large prominent Independent Living Community. BigScreenLive received rave reviews from both experienced and first time users and their families. Every resident who used the system said it was easy to use, fun, and would recommend it to their friends – in fact many of them did.

Our passion is to understand the needs of our customers and build the best customer experience on the planet for them. We will continue to develop the most compelling and fun technology solutions.


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