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Bitmaker Labs is an educational experience for the 21st century. Our 9-week programming bootcamp will immerse you in Toronto’s startup ecosystem and expose you to Canada’s technology sector. Over the course of our program you’ll have 24/7 access to our campus and be surrounded by hard-working programmers and entrepreneurs just like you.

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Job Opportunities at Bitmaker Labs

Growth Manager
Bitmaker Labs is Canada’s largest technology skills accelerator. Startup accelerators launch companies. We launch careers. It starts by surrounding you with a cohort of highly motivated,... more
Lead Instructor - Mobile Development
About us: Bitmaker Labs is Canada's premier web development learning centre and the largest of its kind in the country. We empower tech enthusiasts to build their ideas. We currently offer an... more

Events Hosted by Bitmaker Labs

FREE Intro to HTML + CSS Workshop
Interested in learning to code websites from scratch? Have a web application you've been dying to make? Take the first steps with our free Introduction to Web Development workshop! You'll learn the... more
Free Intro to UX Design Workshop
Thinking about taking your visual design skills to web and mobile apps? Want to learn how to build clickable prototypes without coding? Start learning User Experience Design in our free... more
Free Intro to Game Development Workshop
Interested in learning to develop games from scratch? Jump into the exciting world of game development with our free "Introduction to Game Development" workshop! You'll learn about game development... more

News on Bitmaker Labs

Bitmaker Labs Petitioning Canadian Government to Make 'Code' Third Official Language
Toronto’s Bitmaker Labs is petitioning the government of Canada with an unusual request: to designate “Code” as Canada’s third official language. The startup launched a... more
The State of Coding Bootcamps in Canada Today
In 2014, bootcamps across North America graduated roughly 6,700 students. This year, that number is expected to more than double to 16,000. To compare, there were approximately 48,000... more
Noteworthy Career Opportunities in Canadian Tech Right Now
    Are you looking for work in Canada’s growing tech sector? We’ve selected a few from our job board to get you started in your search. GamerLink is looking for a... more
Coding School Bitmaker Labs Lands 'Substantial' Investment Led by Russell Square Partners
Bitmaker Labs has received a "substantial equity investment" from a group led by Russell Square Partners, a Toronto-based investment firm. The investment will fund new curriculum development,... more
Wanna Learn to Code? Pick One of These Five Coding Academies
    Because the Canadian coding school or “bootcamp” sector is still in its infancy, it’s tough to decipher which programs will ultimately lead to the best education... more
Bitmaker Labs Begins to Scale, Expands to New Location
Canadian coding school Bitmaker Labs continues to successfully disrupt traditional education with their hands on, intensive program that allows students to develop valuable coding skills in nine to... more
CoderDojoTo Partners with Bitmaker Labs and Financeit to Help Kids Learn Code
CoderDojoTo has teamed up with Bitmaker Labs and Financeit to help kids ages 10-17 learn how to code. All CoderDojoTo events will now be held at Bitmaker Labs; the next CoderDojoTo session, called... more
Bitmaker Labs Offers Financing Options for Programming Bootcamp
Programming Bootcamp Bitmaker Labs has teamed up with Toronto startup FinanceIt to offer financing options to successful Bitmaker Labs course applicants. The news come on the heels of... more
Learn to Code and You’ll be Employed for the Rest of Your Life
“We are in this really huge, secular transition away from degrees, towards skills. It no longer matters where you went to school, what you did. Don’t tell me you have an MBA. It’s... more
Bitmaker Labs Launches Scholarship for Women Who Want to Learn How to Code
Toronto-based coding school Bitmaker Labs has launched a scholarship for women who want to learn to code. Dubbed the Grace Hopper Scholarship for Women in Computing, it will provide $500 off for... more
Canadian Coding School Bitmaker Labs Returns, Wins Exemption to Operate Independently
Coding is by most measures a young profession, and as such as been largely neglected by most traditional schools. That's why across North America and elsewhere around the world, learn-to-code... more
Canadian Coding Academy Bitmaker Labs Agrees to Government Oversight
Earlier this week it was revealed that Toronto-based coding school Bitmaker Labs was under investigation by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities and Ontario’s... more
Why Canada Needs Coding Academies
A little over a year ago, I lost my job and moved to Chicago to take part in a program that promised to turn anyone into a web developer. The experience was a pivotal moment in my life because... more
Government Stifles Innovation in Canada by Shutting Down Coding School in Toronto
Coding is by most measures a young profession, and as such as been largely neglected by most traditional schools. That's why across North America and elsewhere around the world, learn-to-code... more
How to Become a Web Developer in Nine Weeks
In a 2011 essay, Netscape cofounder Marc Andreessen described the disruptive impact software is having on the global economy. It’s changing the way we communicate, the way we bank, it’s... more

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